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Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Seduce Me, Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Audio CD, 5 h
Published November 27th 2018 by Harlequin Bestselling Author Collection (first published March 7th 2017)
Series: Copper Ridge: Desire #3
Contemporary romance
Thank you Harper for this copy!

My Thoughts
I have never tried a Yates novel, but I always wanted to. So I took my chance with this one. A sweet story, a little drama thrown in and some passion.

Pastors daughter, yes I gulped there, I am so glad she never said one preachy word. I mostly felt sorry for her. Her dad (which do seem like a good guy), sheltered her too much. She knew nothing of men and romance. She was 24 and had just moved out, and tried her first romance novel! But her innocence made perfect sense. She wanted to be the perfect daughter. The good daughter who the townsfolk never gossiped about. Virgin at 24 is easy to understand, not everyone want to loose it at once. The whole innocence thing was harder, but I got it as I said. She never read, watched, or talked about those things. I got the impression she was lonely too.

While Jonathan is the bad boy. Why? Oh I have no freaking idea! The man was a saint! His parents left and he, a teenager raised his sister who had been in an accident. He got a job, he prospered and he made his first million. Dang, that man needs a medal. But I guess on the way there there was prejudice, him being poor, him not being white. But why he was a bad boy, well that I did not get. He did have a lot of resentment towards everyone, but he had gone through so much.

They work together. They want more. She wants to explore. All very sweet, and they are great for each other. She needs to feel things, he needs to let go.

Harlequin, so it is short, which I liked.


Suzanne Elise Freeman
I liked her voice. She was great as Hayley, she really got her, and the gruff Jonathan. Ha, yes it was a good narration.

Sweet too!

When a rebellious rancher meets the pastor's daughter, it's a match made in...Copper Ridge! From New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates!Sheltered from her own desires for so long, Hayley Thompson wants to experience life. A new job at Gray Bear Construction is a start. The work she can handle. It's her boss-reclusive, sexy Jonathan Bear-who's scrambling her mind and her hormones... No matter how successful he becomes, Jonathan's reputation will always precede him. And his type of woman is usually nothing like prim, innocent Hayley. Yet he can't resist unleashing the fire beneath her pent-up facade-even if seduction means losing his heart...


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