Tuesday, November 6

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Blog Friends

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How Do You Make New Blog Friends?

Ooooooo! What a good question to start off November!

Blog friends? Mhmmm. Just by talking and visiting their blogs and then adding to FB and twitter. I started blogging again because of Elizabeth (my first Blog Friend). I visited her blog one day and we talked and then I was back in the game. 

After that, I "met" Blodeuedd. I visited her blog randomly and from there it was history. She is my Blog Bestie. Bummer she lives so far away! 

But the answer is that you click with someone based on likes, dislikes, a joke, or what have you. Just talk and you'll find a blog friend(s). 


Sophia Rose said...

Yes, exactly! It all starts with a visit. :)

Carole Rae said...


Blodeuedd said...

I feel like we have known each other for so long :)
And I can not really remember when or how we started talking more. But good thing we did!

Carole Rae said...

Omg I know! I remember my first comment on your blog...but I can't remember what happened after that!

Anachronist said...

A very nice topic :).

Carole Rae said...

Agreed. :) It was a nice one