Wednesday, November 22

Book Review: Dangerous Decisions by Margaret Kaine

Author: Margaret Kaine
Title: Dangerous Decisions
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 352
Published: October 2013
I Got It: My shelf (Won in a giveaway)

Helena Standish knows that a good marriage will complete her father's social standing, but she s her papa's daughter and not about to accept any fool. Marriage to the handsome and charming Oliver Faraday appears to offer a perfect match, so what cause does she have for misgivings?

Dr. Nicholas Carstairs has scant patience with frivolous pleasure-seekers and an upper class that closes ranks against outsiders. Why then is he haunted by the lovely girl in the window, someone entirely beyond his reach?

A champagne celebration at Broadway Manor marks the start of a happy future for Helena, but what no one can predict are the consequences of her decision or the appalling danger it will bring.

This has been sitting on my shelf for a little bit and I honestly forgot about it. After unpacking my books recently, I looked at this and remembered how badly I wanted to read it. So I got started reading right away.

I was honestly hooked from page 1. The first 90% of the book was addictive. I could hardly put it down even in the more boring parts. 

The last 10%? Meh. Sure that was supposed to be the most exciting parts with all the suspense and etc, but I simply did not care. I honestly just wanted it all to end and Nicholas to get a win. Poor lad was so mistreated since page 1 LOL! Sure, Helena too got stuck with psycho-Magee, but at least she wasn’t alone like Nicholas. 

Oliver was indeed a crazy person and I could see that from the moment he arrived on the scene. He was off and IDK how Helena and her dad didn’t see it. Fools I say, FOOLS!
This was sad, but a realistic sad. It felt very, very real and I enjoyed the journey even though the ending was a little bit rocky. .

I was also in love with the author’s writing style. Very fluid and easy to read, but she sure could build a world and her characters. I am curious to see what else the author has out there. 

In the end, this was good. Not amazing, but it was really worth the read. I enjoyed how realistic it felt and how alive the characters and world were. The ending was, well, rocky at best, but it was worth it for the rest of it. If you like Historical Fictions or just a good people story, this is a good one. I’ll give this 4 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

Dang, can not remember how it ended

Carole Rae said...

Can't tell you! ;D