Tuesday, July 4

Time for TV Tuesday #4

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Rules of Engagement (Seasons 1-7)

Took me a while to finish this series. There are 7 seasons in total. I do wish they had had one or two more. It was really good. 

This is a classic sitcom with fun characters. I loved how all the characters interacted and how they were all in different levels of their lives. We have the old couple who has been married 10+ years. We have the new couple who just become engaged. And there is the single friend who will never settle down. 

I think what I loved the most was how much I related to these characters. My own group of friends has some similar group dynamics and characteristics. The best shows are the ones you can relate with or get a laugh about. I especially connected with Audrey on a lot of things especially the couple of episodes about her trying to find some sort of happiness in her career and finding her way.  My boyfriend is a lot like Jeff...insensitive, frugal, funny, and too damn cute. 

I was worried about Russell...I hated him the first three or four seasons. He was so 2D and so stereotypical. His character really blossomed when he hired his assistant Timmy (who became a show regular). Timmy is the opposite of Russell in every way and so this gave Russell some time to really grow and become a hair better. Sure, he still is a womanizing, narcissistic, spoiled brat, but at least we know he has a teeny and tiny heart. 

Adam and Jen were the cutest couple for sure. I loved Adam so much even when they slowly made him the dumb, hot friend. I'm glad they didn't fall into the trap of having the girl be the dumb one in the relationship. I think making Adam the dumb friend was a good move. He was the most hilarious person on the show. Jen was okay...I hated how perfect she was. Not only was she hot, but she is funny and can get down with the dudes. At the same time she loves smexy time and is the most understanding fiancee in the world. Her only flaw is throwing shitty parties and she can't cook (so it made me feel a little bit better towards her). 

Well - the first season was eh. It took a while for me to really warm up. I was hooked by season 3. I'm sad they were not able to do an extra season or two, because I feel there was a lot of loose ends. Sure they tried to shove as much as they could in the last season, but I feel there was a lot of story left that needed to be told. Especially about Timmy and Russell. I get WHY they did what they did...but it needs to be fixed, because it was strange. I liked it, because it shows how much Russell needs Timmy and is willing to sacrifice for his friend...which is so NOT like Russell at all, so it was nice.

My only real issue with the whole show was recycled material. At times it felt like one of the shows where the characters never truly learn their lesson. They go through all this stuff and they don't learn the lesson. I guess it represents real life, because people do tend to do that...they repeat old behavior because they never learned. However, it does get a little old while watching it on the TV. 

Other then the recycled material and a quick ended last season, I felt like this was a really good show that deserved more seasons. I can for sure see myself rewatching this in the future. I highly recommend it if you like a sitcom about relationships of all types and different levels. It's a good show to watch with your significant other. Boyfriend really liked it too. 

Season 1 - 2
Season 2 - 3
Season 3 - 5
Season 4 - 4
Season 5 - 5
Season 6 - 5
Season 7 - 3

After the math, I'll stamp the overall show as a 4. 

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