Thursday, February 2

Book Review: The Cove by Ron Rash

Author: Ron Rash
Title: The Cove
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 255
First Published: February 22nd 2012
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Given to me by my friend Reece)

Deep in the rugged Appalachians of North Carolina lies the cove, a dark, forbidding place where spirits and fetches wander, and even the light fears to travel. Or so the townsfolk of Mars Hill believe–just as they know that Laurel Shelton, the lonely young woman who lives within its shadows, is a witch. Alone except for her brother, Hank, newly returned from the trenches of France, she aches for her life to begin.

Then it happens–a stranger appears, carrying nothing but a beautiful silver flute and a note explaining that his name is Walter, he is mute, and is bound for New York. Laurel finds him in the woods, nearly stung to death by yellow jackets, and nurses him back to health. As the days pass, Walter slips easily into life in the cove and into Laurel's heart, bringing her the only real happiness she has ever known.

But Walter harbors a secret that could destroy everything–and danger is closer than they know. Though the war in Europe is near its end, patriotic fervor flourishes thanks to the likes of Chauncey Feith, an ambitious young army recruiter who stokes fear and outrage throughout the county. In a time of uncertainty, when fear and ignorance reign, Laurel and Walter will discover that love may not be enough to protect them.

What? What in the heck happened? WHAT IS WITH THAT ENDING!? YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY LEAVE IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!! Ugh! When I finished the book, I gently set down the book and stared silently at it trying to wrap my mind around it. Gah. Okay....let's backtrack.

Laurel and Frank are the only members left of their family living. The town thinks they are weird because they live by the cursed cove. They also think Laurel is a witch because of her birthmark. Well, Hank decides to go to war and bring honor to his family. He comes back missing an arm and the town suddenly are all up his butt with praise and respect. However, they still consider Laurel a witch and a freak. Poor girl. :/

One day Hank and Laurel find a guy named Walter almost dead from being stung by a whole swarm of yellow jackets. First, OUCHIE! Second, how did he live from that? After saving his life, Walter decides to stay and help around the farm even though he's a mute. 

At the same time, Chauncey Feith is being a weasel in town who helps recruiter for the army. He is a top propaganda guy too who is good at spreading his hatred for Germans. Pouty baby, because he never got a medal. I wanted to kick him in his stupid face. 

There were a lot of slow moments throughout the book. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. The first couple of chapter were addicting. Then boring for a couple of chapters. Something happens, like them finding and saving poor mute Walter. Then farm work, boring. One big secret comes! Anddddd boring again until near the end. The flow was really lacking for me. 

I anticipated the big ol' secret that Walter has, but I was hoping for it in a different way. Hard to explain without actually saying what it is.

Now...that ending was something else. Sure it was certainly a twist even though (thinking back) there were HUGE foreshadows in the beginning. I was upset about how it was left off. Ugh. Good, but gah. I for sure have a love-hate relationship with it. 

In the end, this was a pretty good book. The characters were interesting. There were some issues with the pacing and flow of the story. The good parts were super good. The slow parts were boring. The ending? Liked the twist, but it made me sad. I recommend was certainly a good story. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 3. 


Melliane said...

ow it's really too bad about the ending there

Carole Rae said...

I know. I wish I loved it!

Blodeuedd said...

It sounds pretty good

Carole Rae said...

Yes, a good read. :)