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Saturday Movie Night: The Jungle Book (2016)

Happy 2017 everyone!

The first movie of the year is "The Jungle Book". The format is a little different. Blodeuedd is the color blue and Carole is the color purple. 

Title:  The Jungle Book
Genre: Adventure, Drama, & Fantasy 
Running Time: 1 hour and 51 mins
Rating: PG
Released: 2016

Mowgli is a "man cub" raised by the Seeonee Indian wolf Raksha and her pack, led by Akela, in an Indian jungle ever since he was brought to them as a baby by the black panther Bagheera.



So Carole was beeeegging me to watch the Jungle Book, and I was all, ok, but I had doubts ;) To be honest, it feels like C should do the picking of books and movies, cos I pick the worst ones.

LOL blame BF….he has been dying to watch this movie. It had been a childhood favorite of his and I was curious. We both have bad luck picking ;)

I was pleasantly surprised. It was not awesome, but it was not bad, it was a good movie that kept me entertained even if I knew how things would work out :)

Agreed. I think it was much better than the original cartoon movie D: *dodges rocks from those who love the original*.

Ha, I agree with you there. It was better than the cartoon. Even if the animals looked weird sometimes. But all in all, well made.

Yes, there were a couple of times the CGI/puppets seemed weird. But the vast majority of the time it was well done. Kuddos to that kid! He did excellent! Good thing, because a lot of people would have done a crappy job because it took a lot of imagination to pretend with nothing but a green screen in some scenes.

Totally, I could not have done it, but that I am an actress, but still. He did such a good job.

I think I would’ve done okay (especially young me), but I can imagine it really tough to keep it up. Isn’t that kid up for some sort of award? I could be wrong….if he isn’t, he should be.

No idea. Carole, you flatter yourself, well I would have done excellent too as a kid, ahem, ok better than now when I am old ;) Where did my imagination go?! AT least I still see trolls in the woods sometime.

Hehehe. Those three years of drama would’ve been helpful since we were cheap and didn’t have a lot of stuff. ;) Trolls!!!!!!! Speaking of which….I feel the tiger in this version was much meaner. Heck...the whole movie was WAY darker than the original.

Oh yes, there are trolls in the woods, some are rocks now, but some lurk in the shadows ;)
I can’t say, but I do feel like this would be scary for a kid. But then who knows, I watched scary things and was not scared when young. But the tiger was so mean! And yes the movie was dark at times. It did not always feel kid friendly.

I swear I see fairies all the time around here! Especially by the lake. I don’t think it was too scary (except for the end - oh my goodness I was scared for the boy), but I think it was too dark for wee little ones. I think any kid under 10 shouldn’t watch it….but that could just be me. I know my mom wouldn’t have let me watch it til I was 10+.

Maybe it’s just getting older, but yes some parts, not for the little ones. Other parts, yes totally, all that singing and friendship. I was trying to find what it was rated at but have not found it yet.

I’m not sure. Maybe PG? IDK. BUT! I am so glad they included a little bit of the original songs. I think it help make the movie. But it for sure wasn’t a musical, which would make some people happy.

Oh I do not like musicals, I was very glad it was not one (ok some work, but most, too much singing!). I was happy to hear the songs I knew, and then no more.

LOL! I love musicals, but it is not the most popular in the industry. Some music was good and it fit well.

Yup, it was PG. And I forgot what to say, ohhh, the monkey king Louie, damn, he was a big one.

WHY DID THEY MAKE HIM SO BIG!!!!! He was stupid big and I don’t think that is at all possible and seemed so silly.

Srsly, what was he meant to be? He was enormous, it was silly.

Yea...I thought it was dumb for sure. He was not at all big in the original...he was fat, but not BIG like that. I didn’t really like that whole scene overall. But monkeys are weird little creatures...some are cute, but the others are weird.

Not that weird though. At least the other animals were more normal, well except for Kaa. She was pretty big too.

I thought it was cool they made Kaa female. There are not a lot of female characters in the original cartoon, so it was nice.

It fit very well, a good call on their side.

Yesssss it is a rare thing to say, but they made a good call. I think they did overall a good job with the casting. A good little boy for the main and an interesting set of voice actors. I especially loved who they got for the panther. Fit like a glove.

I liked the voices too, they fit well too :D
I can’t say I have anything negative to say…

My only issue was how big they made King Louie, but that seems like a pathetic issue. Hahaha The movie was good overall. Good script, good actors, and the CGI was good 96% of the time (a couple not good moments).

And I just agree with all those things.

I’m glad we agree! :D LOL ;) So anything else to add? I think this is for sure a must watch if one loves Disney and/or looking for something to watch. I kinda wish I watched this in theaters.

I say done. And good luck with the next movie to us ;)
Yes peeps, see this one.

*fingers crossed* I think it is your turn next!!


You got this!!!!!! LOL The end.

In the end, this was really good. Not amazing, but good. The cast was good, the CGI was decent (some slip-ups), and the storyline good. Darker than the original for sure, but I liked it WAY more than the cartoon version. I am sooooooooo glad they featured a few seconds of some of the memorable songs of the past, but I'm glad it wasn't a musical (it wouldn't have fit at all). I shall stamp this with 4 stars.


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