Wednesday, January 11

Book Review: Touched by Elisa S Amore

Author: Elisa S. Amore
Title: Touched (Touched Saga #1)
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance, UF, and Fantasy
Pages: ebook
First Published: November 8th 2012
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Amazon Freebie)

When Gemma’s eyes first meet the dark, piercing gaze of Evan James, an ominous shadow creeps into her life, ultimately leading her to face her destiny. She doesn't realize Evan is one of Death's soldiers and that Death is summoning her. 

Her time is up: Gemma must die . . . and Evan has been sent to kill her.

But what if she’s the only one who can truly see him? 

Against every rule. Against fate itself. Against everything and everyone. A story of forbidden love and star-crossed destinies.

Dark. Romantic. Dangerous.

I really, really wanted to like this. But it was a total let down. 

The beginning was slow and Gemma was a total meh character. She was like a splitting image of Bella from the Twilight books. Totally boring....nothing special....but every guy wants her. >_< And she gets bonded and horribly addicted to the weirdo guy who likes watching her sleep. And that brings me to Evan.

You damn creeper Evan with your bright blue eyes! The man actually hid behind a tree to watch her more! He is brooding and deep and super annoying. He is the Angel of Death and he did a good job boring me to death. Why do writers do this? Okay...I like brooding characters sometimes, but when they get creepy and like sneak around watching their love interest? Too much. If it was real life I would call the cops...I wouldn't swoon with joy. >_> So cliche and overused. 

Team Peter all the way! Yes, this cliche mess even had a love triangle. Peter has been Gemma's bestie since forever. They are super close like brother and sister, but things change and Peter really likes her (I don't understand the reason why) Gemma begins to like him only AFTER her parent's say something about how they should be a couple. Weak-minded fool. *cough* Sorry. 

I did a lot of skimming after page 120. I couldn't help it anymore...there was legit nothing happening. Lots of creepy parts with Evan....lots of TSTL moments with Gemma. Lots of silly and over-dramatized teenage drama. It didn't get "good" until the paranormal stuff happened. Yes, yes, I get build-up, but I wanted to gouge my eyes out for entertainment. 

Why did I keep reading? I had hope. I had hope this HAD to get better. Look at that summary and that cover! It did get a wee bit better when things exploded....but not that much better. I am so bummed over this. 

I recommend this for those that want to try it. Maybe you'll like it better than me...but I...I could barely get through it. I did so much skimming that I should've just sat the book down and walked away. However, I am one for torture. Out of five stars, I'm giving this a 1. Nearly a two, but 


Blodeuedd said...

Ugh Twi rip-off

Anachronist said...

Stephenie Meyer has earned so much with her accursed series that I suppose there will be always plenty of hopefuls, eager to repeat that success. And innocent readers will suffer.

Def. not for me.

Carole Rae said...

B, it was nearly a copy and paste.

Ana, poor readers....I fell victim with this one. Sighs.