Friday, January 6

Book Review: Clan of the Werebears

Author: Sky Winters
Title: Clan of the Werebears
Genre: Short Story, Historical, & Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
First Published: October 21st 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

Lady Arabella Armstrong is travelling from her home in the Lowlands to marry her betrothed, Lord Andrew Stewart, the Laird of Inverness, a man she hardly knows but is extremely wealthy. He is handsome but cold, yet her father believes it will be an advantageous match. 

On her journey she is kidnapped by a clan of wild men, led by the enigmatic and handsome James Macadam. Lord Stewart has stolen and torched his lands, imprisoned his father, and tortured members of his mysterious clan. The only hope of getting his way of life back is to use Lady Arabella as a bargaining tool. 

Arabella and James do not intend to fall in love, although it proves difficult to curb the growing desires they feel for each other. Too much is at stake, yet how can they ignore their passion? 

This was far better than the other the one I read by this author. Far better but still not amazing. 

This short story follows Arabella who is being forced to marry this Laird and on her journey to his household for the wedding, her carriage is stopped and she is kidnapped. She is nearly gang-raped, but is saved by their master James. James is warring against the Laird that she is engaged to, so he is going to use Arabella as ransom. Like any romance the two fall for each other and etc. Oh and James is a werebear on top of all of this. 

I’m so glad the author had some companions accompanying Arabella to her new home. But there was only a maid and the carriage driver. The Laird has MANY enemies….don’t you think that he would’ve provided some extra protection? Silly people. 

The near gang-rape scene was silly. After James saved her from that he never punished the men who almost did that. He just told Arabella, “Don’t worry about them…I’ll protect you and they feel bad.” WHAT?! That isn’t comfort! Even when James and Arabella became a couple, nothing happened to these men and Arabella forgave them?! Ugh. Arabella only had one normal reaction in this whole story. She was just TOO understanding and forgiving for things. Even being kidnapped…she just pouted a bit and did what she was told. What? But yes…there was ONE time she had a normal reaction. She legit swooned when James turned back into human after being a bear. I nearly clapped with the normal reaction. 
I wish there was more werebear time. He only transformed once. Boo!

In the end….better than the last short story I read by this author. It’s slowly getting better. Still some silly parts that made no sense. Also, there was a lack of the paranormal aspect of the story. Lots of romance, but only one transformation. Thank goodness this was a freebie. Out of five stars, I’ll give this 2. 


Carol said...

You're 2017 reading is not starting out so great, is it? Two 2 stars in a row. Like you said, at least this one was free.

Carole Rae said...

Ohhh yes. It is not a good year so far! LOL

Blodeuedd said...

Ugh, no thanks