Friday, July 10

Movie Review If I Stay (2014)

Length: 1 hr & 46 mins
Released: 2014
Genre: Drama & Romance
Rating: PG-13
Where I Got It: On my shelf (Walmart)


Mia Hall thought the hardest decision she would ever face would be whether to pursue her musical dreams at Juilliard or follow a different path to be with the love of her life, Adam. But what should have been a carefree family drive changes everything in an instant, and now her own life hangs in the balance. Caught between life and death for one revealing day, Mia has only one decision left, which will not only decide her future but her ultimate fate.


Yes, yes. I actually bought this movie, because it was not on Hulu or Netflix. It was pretty cheap at Walmart, so I went and got it and watched it before book club (I could not wait). I must applaud the movie makers...they made it follow the book pretty well. Yes, there were some liberties taken, but for 90% of the film they stuck to the book. This would be a hard movie to mess up honestly. 

The actors were good. I wasn't a huge fan of the guy they picked for Adam, but perhaps I am biased, because I do not like him. I did not like him in here earlier. Especially during a fight (which didn't really happen in the book) went down. WHAT AN ASS! I wanted to punch him! Okay, okay. I kinda get his side of the argument, but he was kinda an ass about.


I fell in love with her family even more. The grandpa was perfect and I cried like a little baby during his speech. THE FEELS AGAIN! The speech and the actor was great. Favorite scene and it got me each time I watched it. The parents were perfect. It was kinda creepy the dad looked like a blond version of my Literature teacher that I adored! Creepy, but in a good way.  

I did love the blend of classical and rock music. It was beautifully done. However, I was very bummed that they did not include the song from the trailer. I feel like it was made for the film, but alas, not there. 

My other complaint is that film seemed to focus a lot of her relationship with Adam more then the book. The book was balanced between Adam, her friend, and her family. It was nice, but the movie flopped on this. Every moment she had with her family or friend was centered around Adam in some way, shape, or form. I feel like the relationships she had with her family or with her friend seemed diminished. 

Overall, this was a pretty good adaptation. The book was WAY better, but this held up okay. There were a couple of things that bummed me out. The one scene that meant a lot to me was done wonderfully! The actors did good and the writer did good too. I am happy that this is sitting on my shelf. I highly recommend reading the book before tackling this movie. In the end, I shall stamp this movie with 4 stars. 

Re-watch?: Watched it twice already....I am itching to watch/read it again.


Blodeuedd said...

You have already watched it 2 times! Wow

Melliane said...

Oh it's nice that the movie was good too. I haven't seen the movie but maybe I should, as reading the book lol. One day!!!

Carole Rae said...

B, yeah at home and then at book club. haha

Melliane, I think you'd like both!