Tuesday, July 7

Book Review: Never Argue with a Dead Person by Thomas John

Author: Thomas John
Title: Never Argue with a Dead Person
Genre: Nonfiction & Paranormal
Pages: 256
First Published: March 2015
Where I Got It: Borrowed from mom

What happens when we die? Renowned psychic medium, Thomas John is one individual who, due to his special ability to communicate with the Other Side, is able to answer that question with a fair degree of certainty. Through his communications with the dead, he has learned a number of life lessons that he shares in this book.

Included are fifteen fascinating stories of what happens when clients ask him to contact their dead friends and relatives. He assists a thirty-something New Yorker who was unable to stop fantasizing about suicide and move on with her life until John conveys healing words from her dead fiance. In another chapter, he encounters a grieving young woman in a drugstore and relates the advice from her dead six-year-old son. And in one particularly haunting story, John, with the help of a murder victim, solves a case that had baffled the police.

In each story, we learn about life on the other side and lessons the deceased have for the living. Each chapter is a felicitous combination of good story telling and healing wisdom. We learn that the dead are eager to provide guidance to the living, that they watch over us, and they continue to grow and evolve on the other side. Most importantly each story reveals that both the dead and the living are capable of tremendous and profound forgiveness."

My mom made me read this book since I am into the whole Supernatural world and I believe it myself. I had never heard of this medium before, so I was interested and completely unbiased while reading.

He sounds like an amazing medium if you want to talk to the dead. Almost too good to be true. However, if his abilities are this good, I really want to do a reading with him as well. There are a couple dead people I know that I would like to try and connect with again to see if they have any messages for me. Honestly, I would rather go to one of his live shows with a huge group of people.

What I really liked about this is that he was honest while telling the stories. He's had moments of doubt in his ability and even moments of doubt about the dead people he was talking to. It was nice that someone like him even has doubts.

The stories where fun and interesting. However, they started getting repetitive for a while. Same message "don't argue with the dead". It was getting annoying and boring. However, he seemed to change tune and shift the stories a little bit and share different types of stories. I loved when he shared stories of total skeptics and how they fought him and then realized that there is NO WAY he can know some of this information about a dead loved one. I would honestly be a little freaked out.

I should go on YouTube and see I can find any of his live shows. I am curious.

In the end, this was an interesting read. It has certainly made me interested in learning more about him and his gift. Yes, I am a total believer that there is another side, I've experienced it first-hand. Throughout the book I felt like he was too good to be true, but you never know. He seems like a humble guy, so he doesn't seem to want to exploit himself and be live Sylvia Browne. I must research more about him. I recommend this for others who may be believers and even a skeptic. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 3 stars.


Melliane said...

not sure it's the kind of books for me

Blodeuedd said...

I do not know about this one

Carole Rae said...

Melliane & Blodeuedd, not for everyone!