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Blodeuedd's Review: Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

Short and Hot: Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

A porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suite…

Samantha Hart wishes things would stop happening in Vegas when a case of mistaken identity lands her in the Hard Rock’s racy Provocateur suite—an S&M wet dream that’s occupied by an honest-to-God porn star. Ethan Silver’s reputation should put her off, but his naughty charm and wicked-sweet smile have her agreeing to a night on the town. Then wishing for a night in, as well.

Ethan knew the instant he stepped through the door that this wasn’t the Samantha Hart he was almost desperate to see. Yet he can’t help it. He wants to ease the blushing bookseller out of her shell and show her a good time…and not just in the bedroom.

As a hot night on the Strip turns into a hotter night at the hotel, Ethan begins to prove there’s a good guy under his bad-boy façade. There’s a loan shark hot on his tail, though, and only Sam can help keep his movie-star face intact. But telling her the truth could cost him something he needs more than money. Her love.

Warning: Contains a bad boy porn star with all the right moves, a good girl who wants to go bad, and one wild week in Vegas.

My thoughts:
For a book about a porn-star it was kind of cute...and passionate. Do not forget that cos they do get down and dirty too.

Samantha comes for a nice relaxing holiday in Vegas. Destiny throws her into a pRonstar's room. She is all what? No! He is all, just one date, I do not bite..a lot ;)

So of course that date happen eventually. And she finds out that there is a nice guy behind the star. A guy she likes and would like to spend more time with.

And there is smexy times.

And then there is drama when he owes someone money.

Can they get a HEA? Or are they too different?

Cute, short, nice, and hot.

ebook, 150ish pages?
Published December 2013 by Samhain
Contemporary romance


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