Monday, January 5

Blodeuedd Reviews: Armed and Magical by Lisa Shearin

My name is Raine Benares. Until last week I was a seeker—a finder of things lost and people missing. Now I’m psychic roommates with the Saghred, an ancient stone with cataclysmic powers. Just me, the stone, and all the souls it’s ingested over the centuries. Crowded doesn’t even begin to describe it. All I want is my life back—which means getting rid of the stone and the power it possesses. To sort things out, I head for the Isle of Mid, home to the most prestigious sorcery school, as well as the Conclave, the governing body for all magic users. It’s also home to power- grubbing mages who want me dead and goblins who see me as a thief. As if that’s not enough, Mid’s best student spellsingers are disappearing left and right, and I’m expected to find them. Lives are at stake, goblins are threatening to sue, mages are getting greedier, and the stone’s power is getting stronger by the hour. This could get ugly.

My thoughts:
This is a fun series, and I would call it UF in a fantasy land. Cos it's so UF! Just you know, set in a fantasy world with elves, goblins and humans and magic.

Raine is a seeker, she has some magic but not a lot. But in the last book she became the host of this magical stone. And trust me, that is NOT a good thing. The stone is not a nice stone, and if Raine can't get rid of it then she will probably die. Painfully!

But before that! An adventure on the island of mages. Mages are disappearing and she is the right woman for the job. All while trying to find a way to get rid of that stupid stone.

She is so cool. I like her. I like her pirate cousin, and I especially like Tam, mmm Tam. Yes choose the sexy bad boy goblin. Do not look at that pretty boy elf! Ok so yes I admit, there is a love triangle there, but I can live with it, as long as she goes for Tam ;)

I enjoyed it, and I want more.

Mass Market Paperback, 293 pages
Published April 29th 2008 by Ace
Raine Benares #2