Wednesday, November 27

Movie Review: The Man from Nowhere

Length: 1 hour & 59 minutes
Released: 2010
Genre: Action & Adventure,
Rating: R, blood, language, and nudity
Directed By: Jeong-beom Lee

Where I Got It: watched on Netflix


A retired special agent forges an unlikely bond with his neglected young neighbor, and vows to bring the girl back home safely after she's kidnapped by violent criminals. When Tae-Shik hung up his guns to open a small pawn shop, he also shut himself off from the world. Tae-Shik prefers to live in solitude, yet he still takes a liking to his precocious neighbor So-mi, whose mother pay her little attention. When So-Mi's mother crosses a local gang of criminals who respond by kidnapping the desperate mother and daughter, Tae-Shik realizes that he may be their only hope of making it out of the situation alive. After entering into a tenuous agreement with the local mob, Tae-Shik becomes the target of an intense police manhunt and finds himself besieged on all sides. Now the closer Tae-Shik gets to So-Mi and her mother, the more his dark past finally begins coming into focus.


Tae-sik - Bin Won
Jeong So-mi - Sae ron Kim
Kim Chigon - Tae hoon Kim
Man-seok - Hee won Kim
Jong - Seong oh Kim
Detective No - Jong-pil Lee
Ramrowan - Thanayoung Wongtrakul

This reminded me a lot of the American film 'Taken' with Liam Neeson, but with deeper meaning and possibly a more bad ass as the main character. The guy who played Tae-sik was a total bad ass and kicked some major booty and took names. The action and the fight scenes were epic and graceful and bloody. I would hate to be on the opposite side of Tae-sik. Even though he barely knew the little girl, he adored her and would die for her. Such a brave and admirable guy. Just imagine if that little girl was his little girl - which I had hoped it would be, but alas, that was just a hope. I especially hoped for it after a scene was shown that mad me tear up for him. Poor guy.

The little girl was adorable and felt so bad for her. However, she was strong and kept her strong spirits up. The actress they got for her was adorable and did a wonderful job. Well, the whole cast did a good job. The acting and fight scenes were wonderfully done. Kuddos to the actors and screen-writings. It all worked well. Especially the balance of fighting and story-telling. A lot of times the balance is off and the writings try to get the audience attention with lots of action and explosions. No, there was a good balance. The story-line wasn't cheesy either; which sometimes that can be found in movies of this genre. 

The only thing I didn't like was the ending. Yes, it was sentimental and it had deep, deep meaning, which Boyfriend pointed out to me. It also would be the most realistic ending in a scenario such as that. I'm glad that the writers were honest with the viewers. The ending would 99% likely happen to you if you were to take the road of Tae-sik. Even though it had meaning and it is most realistic, I still don't have to like it. *crosses arms and pouts* Stupid....meh *sticks tongue out*


All-in-all I adored this film. It was filled with action, adventure, tears, and meaning. Even though the ending isn't the ending that screams HEA, it is realistic and has deep, deep meaning. I would recommend this to those that like action and adventure movies with great fight scenes and a deep story-line. Out of five stars I shall grant this....4 stars. I had to take a star off for the ending. I understand WHY they made it the way they did. I do...BUT I didn't like it. 

Would I re-watch?:
I was really good.

Favorite Character(s): Tae-sik, So-mi, and Detective No (even though he disappointed me at the end)
Not-so-favorite Character(s): The baddies and So-mi's mother (stupid *cough*whore*cough*)


Blodeuedd said...

Sounds good :)

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Carole Rae said...

It was pretty good. :)

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