Tuesday, November 12

Movie Review: Hwang Jin Yi (2007)

Length: 2 hours and 21 mins
Released: June 6, 2007
Genre: Drama, Historical Film
Rating: G (but...I feel it is more PG)
Directed By: Yoon-Hyun Chang

Where I Got It: watched on Netflix


Raised as an aristocrat in 16th century Joseon, an era when class status dictated one's destiny, Hwang Jin-yi discovers a shocking secret about her birth. She therefore belongs to the lower class, and has no recourse but to give up her aristocratic status. As a gisaeng, Jin-yi becomes celebrated for her legendary beauty, wit, and talents in singing, dancing and poetry. But although she is surrounded by an entourage of noblemen showering her with gifts and admiration, she lives a solitary life of tragic isolation.


(Couldn't find one with English subtitles)

Hwang Jin Yi - Song Hye-Kyo
Nomi - Yoo Ji-Tae
Hee-Yeol - Ryoo Seung-Ryong
Old Woman - Youn Yuh-Jung
Gwiddongi - Oh Tae-Kyung
Yi-Geum - Jung Yoo-Mi

Mmmm, for this review I think I shall divide and conquer it.

The Good

  • Beautiful costumes. Kuddos to the costume department
  • The actors all did pretty well...especially Song Hye-Kyo who played Hwang Jin Yi; so many emotions to portray. Also, I'm glad it took not only the character, but the actress too to go from the sheltered rich girl, to a gisaeng. The transformation they showed on the screen was very good and realistic.
  • Nomi was a cutie, an idiot, but a cutie
  • I'm glad that Old Woman stuck around, she was great.
  • The setting was lovely. 
  • Loved the added romance that will never be. It broke my heart, but it was a nice add. 
  • The ending was okay, very symbolic. HOWEVER, I have mixed feelings about it (see in later section of review)
The Bad and the Ugly
  • Had mixed feelings about the end....I hated a certain event that happened. NOT happy about that. *SPOILER ALERT* They had Nomi sacrifice himself for one of Hwang's servants who was arrested and was being tortured. Yes, it was nice, but they were going to probably let him go anyways. I was so mad that Nomi was executed. *END OF SPOILER* 
  • Some spots were really, really boring. Sometimes that happens.
  • A couple spots I was rather confused on what was happening. 
This was a nice movie. I liked it. Never watched a Historical Korean film, so it was a nice addition to my movie experiences. The acting was great. I was really into the movie, but ending left me with mixed feelings. I get why they did what they did. I do. I really do. However, it doesn't seem realistic in a way. In the end, though, I did like this film. I would recommend this to those that like Historical movies and ones with some major drama happening. I shall stamp this with....4 stars. It's more like 3.5, but I rounded like normal. Wow...I've been giving out a lot of 4 stars lately. hahaha. 

Would I watch again:
Mmmm, perhaps not. It's one of those one-time watchers, in my opinion. 

Favorite Character(s): Old Woman (funny and snarky and reminded me a little of my Grandma), Hwang Jin Yi (strong woman, who had to make a huge life change due to an uncovered lie), and Nomi (he was dumb and did something bad, but you can't but like the guy). 
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Hee-Yeol (meh)


Blodeuedd said...

I could watch it

Carole Rae said...

B, I think you would like it.

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