Tuesday, January 22

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings

~The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.~

Happy early Tuesday morning blogging world. It's been a while, but I feel like doing a TTT. ^.^ This week's topic is: top ten settings you would like to see more.

There are many, but I condensed this list down to just ten. Feel free to join in on the fun!

(There is no real order to my list)

-Scotland. Can't help but love that country. ^.^

-Pre-European colonization of the US. I really feel like there isn't any books set in a time before "the whites" came over here. I would love to read more tales of love, adventure, family, and etc of the inhabitants before crap hit the fan.

-Ancient Japan. Not enough tales come from this ancient time and land. *sighs*

-Michigan. I would love to read more books set in this lovely state of mine. 

-Washington State. Besides for the Twilight series, I haven't really read anything set in this amazing state.

-Oklahoma. My home away from home. I would love it if more books were set here.

-Canada. Not many books found in this part of the world. 

-Ireland. Again....not many books set here either.

-Norway/Denmark/Sweden/Switzerland. I put these all together, because all of them are highly lack in the book department. They are all amazing countries, but I have rarely ever found a book set in these places. *sighs*

-Australia. Rarely have I seen a book set in the Land Down Under. I love Australia and it's such an amazing place to through some characters in and see how they survive. 

Well, that is my list of settings I would most love to see more of in a booksense. What do you think? 



Joanne said...

Love Scottish settings, too! If you haven't read Wildflower Hill (Austrailan setting) I highly recommend it!

Unknown said...

I too included Canada! I'm glad someone else has noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot if any books taking place there! Hopefully that will change.

Blodeuedd said...

Lots of books set in Ireland.

And well Sweden if you read in Swedish ;)

But yes pre-white USA, should be more

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

You are right about Canada. And Japan too. Really great list. :)

Somewhere Only We Know said...

Scotland and Ireland! YAY!

Check out my TTT.

Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

Carole Rae said...

Joanne, thanks for the recommendation.

Emma, Canada is a rare occasion.

B, yeah there should be more though. hahahaha.

Melissa, thanks!

Sandy, woot woot! Thanks for stopping by and I'll hop on by.

Angela said...

I'd love to read more books in any of these settings. What a terrificc list.

Carole Rae said...