Thursday, January 31

Thursday Book Teaser: The Colonel's Lady

A weekly meme created by Carole (me) to share excerpts and book teasers from books. Anyone can join, just make sure not to give away any spoilers.

Happy Thursday everyone. Yet again Michigan is throwing me through a loop. It was raining yesterday and in the 50s, but now it's snowing and in the 20s. >.> I can't wait for winter to be over. Anyways....this week I'll be sharing a little teaser from The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz.

Page Number: 48
Starting at: random spot on the page

"Roxanna shut the trunk with a bang as if doing so could shut away the memory, but felt she'd slammed her finger in the lid instead. Even the slightest reminder stung, though she'd tried her best to forget. Indeed, she'd come downriver four hundred miles to escape it, all the way to this frightening place. She should have pitched the hat in the Ohio River along the way, but as it was her favorite, she didn't.

Lying down on the freshly made bed, she smiled at the rustle of the corn-husk tick, thinking of the feather on she'd left behind. Truly, her new life here on the far frontier hardly held one reminder of her old one. At home, in their small stone house, she'd had a fine four-poster bed with plump pillows and a calico cat that slept at her feet, rag rugs on polished pine floors, a clothespress scented with rose sachet. All such amenities were missing here. Thinking it left her feeling a bit hollow.

But, she decided, the wilderness was a fine antidote to all her regrets. Soon, very soon, she and Papa would leave this inhospitable place and be on their way to a new home. A new life. She needn't think again of Ambrose or the future she might have had......"



Blodeuedd said...

*waves like crazy*

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Ooo, do hope you are enjoying it. :)

Carole Rae said...

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Melissa, I like it so far.