Thursday, February 29

Movie Review: Oppenheimer (2023)

Title: Oppenheimer
Length: 3 hrs
Released: 2023
Genre:  Biography, Drama, History
Rating: R
Where I Got It: Peacock

The story of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the development of the atomic bomb.

Been meaning to watch this and I really am bummed I didn't watch this in theaters. This would've been visually wonderful on the big screen. But 3 hours in a theater and not pausing? Oof. So maybe it's good I watched it at home with Hubby. 

Here we watch the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer who was the father of the atomic bomb. We not only see his journey and his team's journey to taking a theory and making it a thing, but we also see the aftermath to his career. 

Dang this had one heck of a cast. They spent ALL the money on this. Loads and loads of big names and they all did amazing. They played off each other well. Sometimes with so many big names it can feel like a battle on the screen. 

What a controversial man even in his own time. He was interesting and I knew so little about him. I knew the basics....he led the Manhattan Project....that's all. It was interesting not only learning about him, but the majority of his whole team. I feel like the movie did a good job really getting to the heart of the people...especially Oppenheimer. He was complex. His emotions with what happened with his product was beautiful to watch. You could tell he had mixed feelings, but that last scene with Albert....broke my heart in a way. They don't victimize him or excuse what they all did, BUT it does make you look at the people themselves. It makes you question yourself too.....what would you have done in those desperate and scary times? 

Honestly....this could've been two movies. There was so much more they could've really dived into. 

The jumping around time could've used a more distinct indicator or something when switching around. You def have to pay attention. There was a time or two when I was momentarily confused, but I would catch my bearings and be okay. This is a film you HAVE to pay attention to. Lots of subtle things. 

But yes. This is a film that everyone should watch. It does give us a look at humanity. Not just of the past....but of today. It makes you think. It makes you feel. It makes you question everything. I can see why this got the hype it did. It was really good. I do want to re-watch someday. I'll give this 4 stars. The time hopping could have been done slightly better. They did good, but I feel like there could've been a better indicator. 

I'm starting something new in March for word summaries...because I love trying new things with my reviews. 

One Word Summary: INTENSE


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I like the one word summary!

Carole Rae said...

Me too! Not sure how long I'll do it for. Might just be a March thing ;) We'll see.