Friday, February 2

Audiobook Review: Bayou Dreaming by Lexi Blake

Author: Lexi Blake
Narrator: Jessica Almasy
Title: Bayou Dreaming
Series: Butterfly Bayou #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Published: December 1, 2020
Where I got It: My shelf (Audible)

Roxanne King left the big city looking for a simpler life, but after years of proving herself on a SWAT team in New York City, being deputy in a sleepy Louisiana parish is something of an adjustment. She's settling in, but she knows she made some mistakes in the beginning--Zep Guidry being the worst of them. Zep drifts through life on his looks and Cajun charm. Roxie learned the hard way he's not for her.

Zep is a man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Roxie. He's just not sure how to get her. They spent one hot night together a year before and now all the lovely deputy seems interested in doing to him is arresting him. He's not used to a woman he can't charm, but Roxie seems immune. He's determined to win her back by any means necessary. Including becoming the kind of man she desires.

And when Roxie's past comes calling, it might be the opportunity Zep needs to show Roxie that the town bad boy might just be the man of her dreams.

Whoops. I realized I read in the wrong order. I read book 4 before this one. Luckily, I didn't even notice. Heck, I didn't even notice when I was reading this one. Yayy there. 

Here we follow Roxie and Zep. Roxie was once a big-time NYC cop who left the city to become a deputy in this small Louisiana town. It's been a huge adjustment. She has made some mistakes in the beginning like sleeping with Zep...the town's charmer. Zep drifts through life on his looks and charms. However, Zep is much more than that. He had put his life on hold for his family. Zep has had feelings for Roxie for a while...even well after their one-night stand. He's determined to win her back and an opportunity pops up unexpectedly and he's going to jump on it. 

Awww they are the perfect couple and you can tell right away. It takes some time. Zep has a reputation and Roxie can't afford to trust her heart again. They fall into a fake relationship when her parents pop up unexpectedly and she had lied saying she has a BF to avoid her mother's scrutiny. Eee. 

I loved the blend of tropes fake relationships with second chances and a splash of bad boy as a cherry on top. It was nicely done! They both caught the feels but it took a lot of time and it felt natural. 

Spoiler, but not spoiler, I'm glad we got to see Roxie start working on her relationship with her family. They aren't bad people and they do love her, but they have treated her badly. Ugh that mother. I GET that her heart is in the right place, but...what? Sighs. 

Ooo! And that puppy!? Oh stop my heart so cute. 

I did enjoy the fact that we really didn't have any baddies running around. Just some people that are sort of shitty like Roxie's ex, but they aren't evil (minus Roxie's ex-boss but we didn't get to see him...just heard stories). It was refreshing. Everyone just wants what they think is good for Roxie. 

The narrator was fantastic. I had missed doing the narration! I have a physical copy of book 4. Yes, I enjoyed it quite a bit but this narrator is great. Sooo reading or doing audio works which is always a plus. 

Overall, this was really good. Nice character....a cute puppy....romance....splash of comedy....and a not crazy drama-filled romance. Def one of my faves of the series. 5 stars. 

- Audiobook Challenge - #7
- Romance Reading Challenge - #4 (Animal on cover)


Northwoman said...

Great review! I may have to look up this series.

Anne - Books of My Heart

Blodeuedd said...

A 5! Wow that is good. You have to try more of them

Sophia Rose said...

Shari really loved this series and I have been meaning to try it. I like the situation for these two and fake dates is fun stuff.

Carole Rae said...

Anne, it's a cute series so far

B, :D

Sophia, it's such a fun series

Jen Twimom said...

Puppy! I've always wanted to read this author.

Carole Rae said...

Jen! She is a fun author