Wednesday, June 28

Movie Review: Death on the Nile (2022)

Title: Death on the Nile
Length: 2 hr & 7 mins
Released: 2022
Genre:  Mystery, Crime, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Where I Got It: Hulu

While on vacation on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress

Been meaning to watch this. I honestly wanted to watch it at the theater, but I have gotten lazy with theater-watching esp since my hubby is meh about theaters. Sometimes I can con him to go with me, but maybe once or twice a year. 

We are back with Hercule! He is dragged along on a Honeymoon party with a rich heiress and her new husband to keep an eye on their guests because they fear for their lives. And of course, Linnette does not make it and now Hercule has to investigate the murder on a boat stuck with a lot of suspects in the middle of the Nile. 

I really adored the intro. It was nice getting to see some backup story on our hero. I did have a tear or two for sure when we find out what happens a little later on. Ooooo Hercule! You are a vain man, but we love you. You deserve to be a hair vain with all your success. 

I felt so bad for Linnette. She is rich but she can't trust anyone. Everyone has some sort of motive for wanting her dead. Gah. I couldn't live my life like that! Eeee.

Sooo....the whodunnit......I surprised myself by guessing very early on and being RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Something teeny tiny happened and I was all "OOOOOOO there!" I must pat myself on the back for this. However, there was so much more on the who, why, how, etc. Plus, I wasn't 100% sure there are def some red herrings. I have read some Hercule stories in the past so maybe I am good at pinpointing the little things that people miss in his stories. Oh Hercule!

The setting was beautiful. Egypt is lovely. 

In some ways, I liked this more than the first, but I did have one big, big issue.........after the little prequel at the beginning the setup took forever. It felt like a lot of filler and tbh it could've been trimmed. Yes, yes, we do want to see everyone and learn about them. However, it just felt like it took too long for the murdering parts. The first film had a slow beginning too and it worked well. This felt too long though. 

But yes, a nice sequel. I don't remember ever reading this one so it was fun just watching as a newbie. I really should read more Hercule. There are 33 novels, 2 plays, and more than 50 short stories!! So much to read. Not sure how the writers are picking. 

Def recommend watching the first one first and then this one.

4 stars. 


Mary Kirkland said...

Maybe I give this a try. I haven't watched this yet.

Carole Rae said...

It was good!

Jen Twimom said...

I enjoyed this one. I read somewhere that the movie took some liberties with the original story, but I never read it so... who knows?!

Blodeuedd said...

Hmm I can not remember what I though

Carole Rae said...

Jen, I think I read that too. I'll have to read the book version to see lol

B, ;)