Thursday, June 22

Book Review: Flawless by Elsie Silver

Author: Elsie Silver
Title: Flawless
Series:  Chestnut Springs #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western, Sports Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 424
Published: June 24, 2022
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

The rules were simple. Keep my hands off his daughter and stay out of trouble.

But now I’m stuck with her. There’s only one bed. And well, rules are made to be broken.

I’m the face of professional bull riding—the golden boy. Or at least I was, until it all blew up in my face. Now my agent says I have to clean up my image, so I’m stuck with his ball-busting daughter for the rest of the season as my “full-time supervision.”

But I don’t need a goddamn babysitter, especially one with skin-tight jeans, a sexy smirk, and a mouth she can’t stop running.

A mouth I can’t stop thinking about.

Because Summer isn’t just another conquest. She sees the man behind the mask, and she doesn’t run—she pulls me closer, even when she shouldn’t.

She says this means nothing.

I say this means everything.

She says there are boundaries we shouldn’t cross. That my reputation can’t take any more hits—and neither can her damaged heart.

I say I’m going to steal it anyway.

This was a freebie on Amazon and it seemed so perfect. Small town. Hot bad boy cowboy. Enemies-to-lovers. 

Rhett is a bad boy...a loose cannon. He was the face of professional bull riding and he was the golden boy all the ladies wanted and all the men wanted to be until he said some stuff and now he's in hot water with his sponsors. In order to help fix his image, his agent is sending in Summer. Summer will act as his babysitter and fix the damage he did. However, they will butt heads and she won't relent. Eventually, that hatred towards each other will turn into more, but that is a boundary they shouldn't cross since his reputation hangs on a thread as it is. 

Sighs. I hate Rhett. He was an ass and I wanted to kick him. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bad boy, but he was a total idiot and jerk. I kept reading because I had hope for him and I adored Summer. On paper, he gets better, but I never ever warmed up to him. He's full of shit and I don't buy it for a min. Summer deserves way better in my humble opinion. 

That being said....I had a hard time with this one. I pushed my way through it because I didn't want to give up. And then he said what he said in the hospital to her and I was so over him. However, I was nearly done with the book and I was curious to see how she would forgive him and how he would make it up to my girl. Yes, I get he said what he said because he wanted to hurt her and push her away. Still. Wtf man. 

Maybe this was a me thing? Soooooooo many people adore this book. Maybe I am a bitter old lady and Rhett didn't do it for me. 

Not sure if I will continue with series unless the next one is a freebie too. 

2 stars from me. 



Jen Twimom said...

UGH! But you finished it just to cross off that Bingo box. Which box did you pick?

Carole Rae said...

TBH I think I read something else instead of this one for one of the boxes. Kinda forgot about this one lol.

Blodeuedd said...

No thank you to this book too

Carole Rae said...

Don't blame ya.