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Audiobook Review: Forever and a Duke by Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes

Narrator: James Langton
Title: Forever and a Duke
Series: Rogues to Riches #3
Genre: Historical Romance
Published: November 26, 2019
Pages: Audiobook

Wrexham, Duke of Elsmore, is overrun by family obligations. With three sisters to escort about Town, a legion of cousins to look after, and aunties who insist he dance with every eligible young woman, he barely has time to manage his dukedom. When he finally carves out a moment to evaluate his family's finances, he learns that he―and his sisters―are on the verge of social catastrophe.

Eleanora Hatfield has an uncanny knack for numbers, but she knows from experience that dealing with the peerage can only lead to problems. Though she wants nothing to do with any titled gentleman, she reluctantly agrees to help when Rex seeks aid from her employer. What starts out as an unwanted assignment soon leads to forbidden kisses and impossible longings. But with scandal haunting Ellie's past and looming in Rex's future, how can true love lead to anything but heartbreak?

Finally decided to continue on reading this branch of the series. Too many book, so little time in life!

This follows our Duke Wrexham and Eleanora who is an auditor at a bank. Rex is overrun by family obligations....3 sisters, a legion of cousins, and his own dukedom. Some things have fallen to the wayside. When he finally carves out some time to evaluate his family's finances, he learns that his dukedom is on the verge of a social catastrophe. Enters Eleanora. She has an uncanny knack for numbers. When Rex comes knocking on the door of her employer, she decides that she can help...reluctantly at first. What starts out as an unwanted assignment soon leads to forbidden kisses and impossible longings. However, Eleanora has a past and family that makes it impossible for her to love the duke and be his duchess. 

I like Rex and I like Eleanora. They are both very sweet, kind, and smart. They both deserve all the happiness in the world. However, I didn't buy their love at first. It took a long time to see them as compatible. Sure lust can work for anyone, but the love? That took a while for them and for me honestly. 

I did enjoy them becoming friends and seeing him be fascinated by Ellie and her smart brain. She is whip smart. Both from just being good at numbers and from experience. She isn't a great beauty and I'm happy for it. She is average and nerdy and I loved it. It gets so exhausting seeing the gorgeous star always bag the duke. It's nice seeing someone like me get the man. 

But yes, there are some baddies afoot. And the reveal at the end will make you mad. That person deserves more than what they got. 

The ending needed more. I would've liked to see them on their wedding day maybe or something. Maybe we'll see them in the next. I want to see Ellie outsmart the stupid ones in the ton. 

The narrator is always fantastic. Literally a king of this genre. 

What more to say? This was very sweet. Lots of talking, some math, and a friendship and lust that turns to love. I'll give this 4 stars. 

- #25 for Audiobook challenge


Sophia Rose said...

Yes, yeah for the average-lookers bagging the dukes. :)

Melliane said...

It's been so long since I haven't read one of her books

Blodeuedd said...

Omg...i should have checked for her books! i am still on my audiobook site trial period, but started a Nalini Singh one instead

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, yayy!

Mel, maybe it is time ;)

B, squeeze some in before the trial ends :D

Jen Twimom said...

Sounds like a good one. Yea for Dukes! I've been gone for so long, I feel detached from blogging world.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Fantastic narrator.

Carole Rae said...

Jen, sometimes you need a break!

Kimberly, yesss! He is king.