Thursday, June 29

Book Review: The Viking and the Drag Queen by VL locey

Author: VL locey
Title: The Viking and the Drag Queen
Series:  Campo Royale #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports, LGBT
Format: ebook
Pages: 214
Published: January 5, 2022
Where I Got It: My shelf (BookBub)

Who will emerge the victor on the battlefield of love?

Tyr Hemmingsen had his life mapped out at a young age. The only son of the late Danish hockey great, Elias Hemmingsen, Tyr has always done his best to follow the plans his father had laid out for him. Finish school, make it into the pros, become team captain, find a biddable young lady to marry, and win a championship so the Hemmingsen name lived on eternally on the side of a massive silver cup. Like the good son he is, Tyr has done as his father wished, no matter how it peeled away layers of his true self. Then, all the neatly placed supports that hold up his so-called life come crashing down during a night on the town. Tyr might be known as the “War God of Wilmington” on the ice, but there’s no battling the effect Gigi Patel LeBay has on him.

Elijah McBride lives for the spotlight. As Gigi, he bewitches and bedazzles the crowds at the Campo Royale Club. His vibrant stage persona is the face he presents to the world. Underneath the rouge, eyeliner, and lipstick is a young man who still feels the sting of his parents’ disapproval and rejection of the son who wears wigs and dates other men. With his drag family and older brother in his corner, he’s finally found peace in his life. Until the fateful night a massive hockey player shows up at the club. There’s a world of hurt in Tyr’s soft brown eyes, and Eli finds himself falling for the big man, despite all the barriers he’s built around his tender heart.

I was given this from BookBub a couple of months ago. I couldn't resist this! The title....the cover. Love it. 

Here we follow Elijah and Tyr. Elijah loves the spotlight. As Gigi, his stage name, he bewitches and bedazzles the crowds at the Campo Royale Club. He is confident and vibrant! However, under the makeup, he is a young man who still feels the sting of his parents' disapproval of him being gay. Enter Tyr who walks into the Camp Royale Club and is dazzled right away. He has been battling his true self for his whole life. His parents may be gone, but he still has his father's voice in his head that he needs to hide himself. He is scared to lose his new career in hockey if the world finds out he is gay. When the two meet it is electric and they can't deny the lust and the love that sparkles there. 

It's been a min since I've done this format. I am feeling lazy on this heavy rainy day so here it goes. 

The Good
- Loved Elijah and Tyr. How can you not???? They are both so different but they complement each other very well. 
- I can't remember ever reading a story about a Drag Queen. If I did they were not the main character that is for sure. Love the inclusion here. 
- Hockey!!! Love the sport and love the men behind it 
- The lust was instant and the love happens quick too, however, it oddly worked for these two. 
- The drama was minimum. No terrible exes. No craziness. I loved just watching them battle together to find their piece of heaven. 

The Bad and the Ugly
- This was too short. I needed more at the end. I want to see them get married and be happy! Maybe we will see them in all their bliss in the next book. 
- There were some backstory issues here. Some things didn't make sense to me. For example, Tyr was 13 (14?) when his parents both passed. By the time he was ready for college at 18, he mentions that his dad was mad that he decided on Creative Writing as a major. But...isn't he dead? How could he disapprove? I would've liked more clarification on this.

I liked this. It was a nice romance between two men who truly deserve all the love in the world. They were perfect for each other even with all their differences! A little short and a couple of blimps on the backstory. Maybe it being longer would've cleared up the issues. In the end, I'll stamp this with 3 stars. 


Melliane said...

It looks OK

Mary Kirkland said...

Oh it does sound like there was a little bit of confusion there. I would have wondered about that too. Otherwise it sounds pretty good.

Sophia Rose said...

I like the set up, but yeah weird about the dad's college career wishes.

Jen Twimom said...

UGH! I hate continuity issues. If there are too many, I become obsessed with them.

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, not too bad :)

Mary, yeaaaa unless it was just weirdly written and I wasn't getting what the author meant?? IDK

Sophia, very weird.

Jen, luckily I could keep going.

Blodeuedd said...

I guess the author forgot they were dead lol

Carole Rae said...

Maybe she forgot to change the wording.