Sunday, November 27

Audiobook Review: When The Skies Cry by Steve N. Lee

Author: Steve N. Lee
Narrator: Brittany Presley
Title: When The Skies Cry
Series: Books for Dog Lovers
Genre: Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Published: October 22, 2021
Where I got It: Audible (Given to me for my honest and honest opinion)

Harley loses everything when his master dies — his home, his best friend, his reason for living. Day after day, he trudges the streets, trembling from the biting cold, whimpering from the gnawing hunger.

Across town, Rachel has an alimony hearing looming and a make-or-break deadline hurtling toward her, yet they aren’t her biggest worries — her autistic son has withdrawn so far into his own private world, he barely acknowledges she even exists.

Luckily, the magic of life is in the surprises no one ever sees coming…

I read this book in the past and I was so excited when the author asked me to check out the audiobook version. I had to say yes...of course. 

We follow Harley who loses everything when his beloved owner dies. He finds himself on the streets and alone with an empty tummy. Across town, we also follow Rachel who has an alimony hearing looming and a make-or-break deadline for work heading her way. On top of that, she is trying to take care of her autistic son who has severely withdrawn since his father left. Luckily, life is full of surprises that no one ever sees coming. 

Awwww! This was just as good as it was when I first read it. This time I did the audio, but it was still just as good. This is technically part of a series, but this does well as a standalone.

All the feels! Joy, happiness, sadness...all of them. 

You can't help but want to cuddle a dog! You can't help but love Harley and his people. They are great characters that you fall in love with so quickly. 

Oof and that ending? Still hit me as hard as it did the first time I read it. 

Yayy! I adore this narrator! I've listened to some of her works in the past. She is very good! She was perfect for this story I think. So yesss an extra bonus from me for the excellent narrator. Love this story and this narrator. 

All-in-all this was just as good as when I first read it! Maybe even slightly better because I adore the narrator. She is really good. Read this (or do the audio). It will give you all the feels! 5 stars again.

- #52 for Audiobook challenge


Blodeuedd said...

Animal books breaks me

Jen Twimom said...

Yea! Another excellent crossover, re-read for you!

Jen Twimom said...

Hmmm... when I tried to post a comment I got an error message. Sorry if this is a duplicate. But I'm glad to see you are still enjoying these in audiobook!

Carole Rae said...

B, they always get me!

Jen, no problem :) But yesss I am so happy the crossover went well!

Melliane said...

What a cute cover and the story looks nice too!

Sophia Rose said...

A good story made even better on audio is always the best. I'm cheering her on with all those difficulties and cheering on the dog hero, too, just from what you said. :)

Carole Rae said...

Agreed! Great to read and great to listen to. <3