Friday, November 25

Book Review: Thankful for Love by Sharon Cummin

Author: Sharon Cummin
Title: Thankful for Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Short Story
Format: ebook
Published: Nov 12, 2020
Where I Got It: Amazon


It was Thanksgiving morning. The one thing I wasn't looking forward to was going to my brother's new house for dinner, so when I got a text letting me know that I'd better not be late, I let out a huff, knowing how the day was going to go.

I hadn't been in the best mood. I'd let a guy in, which was something I never did. He'd told me everything I'd wanted to hear. We'd had one amazing night. He'd even made me breakfast in the morning. On his way out, he'd made promises of a second date. Then he was gone, never to be heard from again.

Needless to say, the thought of getting together with my family and my brother's friends wasn't something I was looking forward to. Doing it at my brother's house was even worse.

Dinner and Dessert. That was what I'd promised my brother. I could do that. How hard could it be?

Then I saw him...


I'd finally gotten a day off. Why I'd promised to spend it at my friend's with his family, I had no idea?

The last time I'd been off, I'd spent the night with an amazing woman. She was different, or at least I'd thought she was. Well, I was wrong. She was worse than the rest, even gave me a bum number on my way out the door. I'd been pissed ever since.

Dinner and dessert. That was what I'd promised my friend. I could do that, no problem, right?

Then I saw her...

Picked this one up because of Turkey Day (Thanksgiving). Been on a mission this year to try to read a couple books set during holidays like Halloween or Turkey Day. Xmas has a strangle hold on books (which I LOVE Xmas books) but I feel like other holidays deserve a book or two here and there. 


This one is a short story that follows Jason and Stacy. Stacy is grumpy and doesn't want to celebrate. However, she is dragged to her brother's new place to celebrate Thanksgiving. Jason is also grumpy and doesn't want to celebrate. He was ghosted by an amazing now he wants to sulk. But he is dragged to his friend's new place to celebrate Thanksgiving. See where this is headed?

This was quick and pretty sweet. Jason and Stacy had hooked up and feel like the other person ghosted them. They both feel wronged by someone they thought was perfect. 

Some talking...some fighting...some love making....and then turkey. 

Super, duper short...maybe too short. I feel like there wasn't enough build-up and enough talking. I didn't connect with them and didn't feel happy when they finally got together. We needed more time with these guys. I think we needed a few more pages. This felt like something was missing TBH. 

In the end...short and sweet. It needed WAY more though. I didn't connect with these two lovebirds and their reunion felt...hollow? A few more pages would've helped I think. 2 stars. 


Mary Kirkland said...

Sometimes they can be too short and you need a little more.

Blodeuedd said...

Nah not for me either

Jen Twimom said...

Yea for a Thanksgiving read! But boo... sounds like a great premise, but just not enough pages to make it work.

Carole Rae said...

Mary, yesss. I love short stories but sometimes a few pages extra can make a huge difference.

B, I don't blame ya

Jen, yesss it needed a little more.