Wednesday, February 10

Audiobook Review: Highland Shifter by Catherine Bybee

Catherine Bybee 
Narrator: David Monteath
Title: Highland Shifter
(MacCoinnich Time Travels #4)
Genre: Historical Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, & SCI FI
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 296 
Published:  February 5th 2012
Where I got It: Audible

A mysterious Druid book and Helen’s sixth sense send her to Scotland in search of a missing boy. After being attacked by strange men dressed in medieval garb, a handsome, desirable hero answering to the boy’s name rescues her. No one is more surprised than she to find herself in sixteenth century Scotland. Unable to deny the reality of time travel, Helen discovers smoldering passion with a man destined to leave her.

Simon has lived his Druid life in two very different worlds, two vastly different times, and when Helen practically lands in his lap, he knows his life is about to change forever. There are enemies in California lying in wait for her, and an army in Scotland closing in on his family. Simon is the only person who can protect her. But when she learns his most guarded secret, will she still want him? Can Helen love a Highland Shifter?

Decided to dive in. Couldn't help myself ;) 

In book 4, some time has passed and Simon is all grown up. He has lived in two very different worlds. He grew up in the 2000s/2010 USA and then his young adult life he grew up a Druid Highlander in the 1500s. Things have been calm for a few years until Helen pretty much lands in his lap. Thanks to a mysterious Druid book and Helen's strange sixth sense, Helen finds herself in search of a missing boy. After an accident, she wakes up in a strange forest in Scotland and she finds herself in a story for the ages. Can Helen and Simon be able to save everyone they care about from enemies in modern day California and an army hellbent on destroying MacCoinnich clan? 

This was the book I was worried about. One - because it is the first book in a new arc. Two - it is pretty much "next gen". Simon is Liz's kid and the oldest of the next generation to take the helm pretty much. We still have our old faces, but it has been 15 years or so and they are old and happy in their love. So yes - worried I was........

WHICH was silly. This was really good. Not as good as the last book, but the last book was a hard one to beat. The last one was still my favorite so far. Alas, there is only ONE more book. BOOOO. Give us moreee. 

But yes, this was really good. It was exciting to see Simon all grown up and in complete control of his shifting gifts. He really has become a powerful Druid and I would want his gift for sure. Controlling animals, talking to animals, and even being able to shift to ANY animal you want? Epic. That is what I want. 

I was bummed we really didn't get to play around with Helen's gift and have her strengthen it. Maybe next book we'll get to see hers get better? Sure her ability to find what she wants thanks to her "sixth" sense is cool, but I'm sure there is a lot of potential there. We shall see. 

Poor Amber. Sobs! I feel so bad for her. I am excited for the next book because we get to see her find love and maybe be able to get comfy and find away to live with her ability. Poor thing. 

What I loved about this book was how much time travel we got. It was fun to jump back and forth more so then in the other books. Loved that! 

Now....I didn't like how easily the big baddie was dealt with. I was hoping for more of a...fight? I guess after such a bad baddie in the last three, this one felt super meh. Not really an issue and easily dealt with compared to the threats in the last ones. Sighs. I wasn't even remotely worried about the baddie in this. Very predictable sadly. 

The narrator is the same so that made me happy. His American girl keeps getting better so that makes me happy. 

Overall, I did really enjoy this, but it wasn't as good. The baddie wasn't a real threat compared to the last one and the baddie was super predictable and easily resolved. Still...though...this was good and my worries were for naught. I'm sad there is only one book left. Maybe I should hold off? I do not want to say goodbye! I'll give this one 3 stars.   

- #8 for Audiobook challenge
- #5 for Romance Bingo - "Highland in Title"



Sophia Rose said...

Very cool time travel/paranormal mash up. I want to try these after seeing your reviews.

Melliane said...

I can understand that you wanted more

Blodeuedd said...

Sounds good, predictable baddie and all

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, they are fun.

Melliane, I do want more. I'm sad there is only one last!

B, agreed. :)