Thursday, February 11

Audiobook Review: A Vineyard Valentine by Nina Bocci

Nina Bocci
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Title: A Vineyard Valentine
Genre: Romance, Short Story/Novella
Format: Audiobook
Published:  February 4th 2021
Where I got It: Audible

The annual Valentine’s Day singles soiree is always a big money-maker for Eloisa Giordono’s winery. What could be more romantic than looking for love at a quaint family vineyard on the most romantic night of year? Well, just about anything as far as Eloisa is concerned. She’s a Valentine’s Day Grinch who thinks it’s the lamest, most clichéd holiday ever invented.

Fortunately, she’ll get to hang out with like-minded folks this year by hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day party on the same night. She’ll just need to alternate between events to keep them both running and she’ll be raking in the profits. But Eloisa is thrown for a loop when a sexy, self-described hopeless romantic shows up at the singles soiree and keeps her captivated. Will he change her mind about the holiday...and about love?

Yayy! A Valetine's book just in time for the holiday! I wish we had more stories like this!

The annual Valentine's Day party has been a big money-maker for Eloisa's winery. However, Eloisa is a Valentine's Day Grinch who thinks it is a lame holiday so she decides to throw two parties. One for those Valentine's Day lovers and another one called the Anti-Valentine's Day party. When her sidekick gets sick, she has to host and run both the same time. Eloisa is thrown another curveball when a sexy and self-described hopeless romantic shows up. She is captivated....but can he change her mind about the holiday and love? 

This was a lot of fun. I liked Eloisa. I've always been meh about the holiday even when I'm in a good relationship. It just feels like such a Hallmark holiday. Do I hate the holiday like Eloisa? No, but I can see her points and why she hates it...especially when you get to know her more. 

I loved Alex. He was a hunk. 

This was very cute and I had no issues. I do wish we had gotten more with our couple. It seemed like she fell too easily into his arms. I would've loved to watch them actually fall in love. First date. First kiss...marriage? Etc. 

Awwww I adore this narrator so much. I didn't realize it was her right away and then I realized I KNEW that voice. She is soooo good. :D 

Overall, this was short and sweet. I wanted more and I think we needed more. I'll give this 4 stars. Totally worth it for the big V day coming up! 

- #9 for Audiobook challenge
- #6 for Romance Bingo challenge for "non Xmas Holiday setting"



Blodeuedd said...

Awwww perfect for V day :D

Jen Twimom said...

OMG - you always find the BEST audiobooks for me... I'm totally going to download this now and squeeze it in when I'm waiting for my next review audiobook. Thanks!!

Carole Rae said...

B, yesss! I am so happy I found it.

Jen, :D I hope you like it too! It's perfect for the holiday!