Tuesday, September 8

Book Review: The Laird's Angel by Caroline Lee

The Laird's Angel (The Highland Angels, #2)

Author: Caroline Lee
Title: The Laird's Angel
(The Highland Angels #2)
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 241 
Published: January 27th 2020

Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

As a member of the Queen's Angels—an elite trio of secret agents, masquerading as ladies-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth Bruce—Melisandre Lamond has a most useful skill: Seduction. Mayhap 'tis her ability to understand others' desires, or mayhap a yearning for acceptance; whatever the root, Mellie has become skilled in the art of love, and knows all the right ways to get a man to spill all his...secrets.

After an assassination attempt on the Queen, all evidence points to the Frasers of Lovat, surely under orders from their new laird, the deceptively handsome Lachlan Fraser. But even Mellie is surprised when the Queen announces the seductive Angel's betrothal to the traitor, wondering how far her loyalty to the Crown really extends. Can Mellie tempt Lachlan into revealing his treasonous plans, before she's forced to actually marry the man?

After the Scottish War for Independence, all Lachlan Fraser wants for his clan is peace. He's happy working with his hands, building a strong future for his family and his beloved daughter. But duty calls him to Scone, where he's surprised to learn of his betrothal to one of the Queen's ladies...the very knife-wielding wench who'd so recently saved him from a cut purse's attack!

He'll marry her, aye, but Lachlan vows to unravel Lady Melisandre's riddles first! Because once he gets her home, and sees the way she effortlessly wins over his daughter and the rest of the Frasers, he begins to suspect she's not really the cold and haughty lady she's pretending to be.

Can this mis-matched betrothed pair learn each other's secrets before the assassin strikes again? 

This has been the one I've been itching to read BUT I wanted to be a good egg and read the series in order. LE SIGH. BUT I am glad I did. They may follow different gals but the story and mystery continue in each book. 

This one follows Lady Melisandre who uses a special trick to get info from the men. After an assassination attempt on the Queen, all the evidence seems to point to the Frasers of Lovat and their new laird. Melisander, aka Mellie, is asked  to pretend to be the laird's Queen-ordered betrothal to find out the truth. Lachlan Fraser just wants peace and happiness. He accepts the Queen's command since Mellie intrigues him and...well...it IS a command from the Queen. 

I adored this romance between these two. They do not seem at all compatible...on the surface. As we learn more and more about them, we soon realize they NEED each other and are simply perfect for each other. I am so glad there was more to both of them especially Mellie. She acts like a cold-hearted wench who is willing to do ANYTHING to get info...she has a huge and sensitive heart and she really deserved happiness. 

Lachlan deserves happiness too but he has a decent family and a sweet kid so I didn't feel AS bad for him as I did Mellie. She had a crappy family. Poor thing...especially when we find out what her ex did to her. GRRRR. I wanted to find him and feed him to the Loch Ness Monster. Gah. Hopefully karma finds him soon and quick. Lachlan's ex was a piece of work too. Grrr. 

I really did like this much more than book 1. Maybe it was because we got to spend more time with these characters? Or maybe I just loved the chemistry and story between these two. Or both?  BUT yes...I did really enjoy this one.

I guessed the little twist. I wasn't being serious when I guessed it, but I was right and I was shocked I was right. Wish I can say..........


Overall, I liked this better than book 1 and the prequel. I adored the couple here and their story. They were a fun couple with a lot of hurdles to finally get the HEA they needed. I'll give this a 4. 


Jen Twimom said...

Woo hoo! So proud of you, Good Egg, reading the books in order. I love a good mystery arc in series - especially historical.

Blodeuedd said...

Even better! I do love that in a book 2

Carole Rae said...

Jen, thank you :3 And yess I love a good mystery!

B, me too!