Sunday, October 1

Book Review: Two Journeys Home by Kevin O'Connell

Author: Kevin O'Connell
Title: Two Journeys Home - The Derrynane Saga
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 295
Published: Not Published
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given an advanced reading copy for my honest and unbiased opinion.)

It’s now 1767. Eileen O’Connell has availed herself of a fortuitous opportunity to travel back to Ireland. In Two Journeys Home, the O’Connells encounter old faces and new—and their lives change forever.

Her vivacious personality matched only by her arresting physical presence, Eileen returns to Derrynane this time not as a teenaged widow but, rather, as one of the most recognised figures at the Habsburg court. Before returning to Vienna several months later she experiences a whirlwind romance, leading to a tumult of betrayal and conflict within the O’Connell clan. 

Abigail lives not in the shadow of her sister but instead becomes the principal lady-in-waiting to Empress Maria Theresa.

Hugh O’Connell, the youngest of the large family, leaves behind waning adolescence and a fleeting attraction to the youngest archduchess when he begins a military career in the Irish Brigade of the armies of Louis XV. But more royal entanglement awaits him in France…

Such an honor to be given the advanced reading copy! I enjoyed the first part of the saga a while back and I liked it. I couldn't wait to continue the story of Eileen and her family, so when the author counted me about reading this...I could NOT say no! 

I really must say this here and now....this author really does have a way with words. The world and the characters are so vivid. The writing style reminds me of the old style. Very eloquent and sure some things are over-explained, but it is done in a way where it is beautiful and not annoying. 

In the past book, I liked Eileen, but that was it. In this one, I really connected with Eileen and I grew to adore her more. I think after all her trials in the last one helped made her a stronger character. She knows her mind and knows what she wants in life.

Abby is still one of my favorites and I am glad we got to run into her again. She is a doll.  

Ooooo Art. I fell in love with him the moment I meant him. Eileen didn't stand a chance honestly ;) His sister though....I feel like she is going to be a problem in the future. We shall see. 

The best part of the book was when Eileen and Art went back to Vienna so Eileen. I may be biased because I do love Marie Antoinette and even as a side character, she fascinates me. It was good to see more of her and the others. I do want to see more. I hope Eileen goes back someday to Vienna and then to Versailles. 

My one and only issue with the book was the sudden POV switches. It was a little jarring for me. I did get used to it, but when there were the switches I had to reread the paragraph or page. Other than that, no other issues I can think of!  

Overall, I was hooked from page one. I honestly think this was better than the first book...which that is rare. The characters and world building was done in such a beautiful manner. I can't wait for the next one to see what is next for the clan. I am going to be sad because sooner or later Marie Antoinette will meet her fate and I know Eileen will be sad. I do recommend this saga. You should read the first one first. I shall stamp this with...5 stars.