Saturday, September 9

Movie Review: IT (2017)

Film Title: IT
Length: 2 hr and 15 mins
Released: 2017
Genre: Drama, Horror 
Rating: R
Where I Got It: Movie Theaters

A group of bullied kids band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.


*Deep breaths* Okay...I did it. I watched this movie. I wanted to see it badly, but I was petrified since clowns are creepy mfers. However, I needed to face this movie. I had watched the old version when I was a wee thing and it forever haunted me. I was always too scared to re-watch it as an adult, but then this once was announced and I decided to give this one a chance. I'm glad I agreed to go with my friends and watch this in theaters. 

The concept is the same. Evil clown feeds on children and their fear every X amount of years (I think it is 20 or something...see? I need to take notes). A group of losers come together in defeating one bully and now it is time to defeat this killer clown who has been haunting all of them. 

Lots of jump scares in this one. They get me 8/10 times. There was lots of creepy moments and lots of gross moment. But not a lot of bloody moments one would expect. Also, you didn't get to see the clown really perform as a child killer as much either except in the beginning when he took his first victim little Georgie (no spoiler here). That was an intense scene for sure! I was hoping the rest of the film would follow suit, but most kills were done off camera. Like you knew what was happening, but the camera would pan off. Yes, this is a classic way to make it scarier because sometimes not seeing and just leaving to the imagination. However, when it is most of the time? It really does take down the slasher-scary bits. 

There was plenty of jump scares and creepy as heck moments! *shudders* That dang clown is so creepy. Kuddos to the makeup and the actor. Not to the level of the original IT clown, but damn close. *shudders again*

The scene in the basement left me with goosebumps!!!! GAH! Can't say what happened, but it did get me good. Even thinking about it now...... 

I love the gang of kids they got. They were good. Of course, there is a lot of swearing and rowdy boy behavior, but what else do you except from a group of 12-13 year old boys in the '80s? They all did well even the girl member of the group. She was not overshadowed by all the funny and over-excited boys. She shined equally as bright. 

Man...I felt bad for the girl and I had wished they left out the pedo dad. Unnecessary in my opinion. 

Also, I was not a fan of the subplot with the bully. I wish he and his goonies just remained side characters who the group avoided at all costs. I hate that the main bully had more a role in the end. It was unnecessary...

I am excited to watch the second movie. Yes. There is going to be another one.

I really should go back and watch the old version.

If you like horror movies and liked the old version, I do recommend this film. Just be warned there is a lot of blood, swearing, dead kids, and one scary clown. I'll give this...................mmmmmmmm...........*floating*.................3 stars. Nearly a 4 but there were some things I was not really a fan of. 


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I liked this one pretty well. What was really creepy scary was when little Georgie's laugh turns kinda evil-ish. Eeeek!