Saturday, April 9

Saturday Scribbling Challenge #2

This is a fun little writing challenge that Blodeuedd and I have come up with! We each challenge each other with the selected theme. 

The second challenge is a mix of a photo and a quote. Of course, feel free to join in and share your own stories with the selected theme of the month! challenge to Blodeuedd:

My Tree by Blodeuedd

I'd like to tell you a story of a girl I used to know. She had hair fair as sunshine, she had eyes sparkling like emeralds. She had a tongue that could suck the life out of you.

I met her one rainy night on the Brooklyn Bridge.

"What are you doing good Sir?" She asked as she strolled by, as if the sun had been shining and the weather warm.

I was sitting on the rail looking at the water. Down on my luck. Not a dime to spare, not a thought of others in my mind.

"What do you think," I said as she came to sat next to me. Dangling her legs and laughing in the rain. Looking down and grinning right back at me. And I stared, how I stared. She was beautiful. Then rain did not even seem to touch her and her smile it brightened the darkest night.

"Come on, let me buy you pie." She said and gave me her hand.

I took it and together we find a diner. It was the best pie I had ever had, and I was a goner. She was all I could think of, all I could dream of, all I could imagine having. We spent a few glorious days together, making love and laughing. I did not even notice how I seem to shrink into myself. Like the air itself was sucked from my lungs.

It ended a sunny afternoon. She took me to the woods, she said she wanted to get out of the city. I had a ring in my pocket, a ring I had stolen the night before. It was a work of air with a sapphire on it that would had cost me a fortune to earn. It seemed to burn a hole through the pocked, and I could not wait to give her it.

She took me to a tree, a tree sporting fall colors and she dreamily looked up.

"This is my tree, "she told me with her silken voice. A knowing smile on her face.

"Ok," I said and she leaned in to kiss me.

"My tree, " she whispered and sucked the last life out of me.

And this is now where I am, a ghost tied to a tree with so many more. But I still get to see her when she brings men to us. Men to die, Men to be buried under the roots. We all long to see her one last time.....

Now, Blodeuedd's challenge to me:

The Transformation by Carole Rae

The only word they allow me to say is yes. I have no choices. I was born into this and I cannot escape my fate. Tomorrow is the day and it is eating me alive…..

Gently, I close my diary. The ring of my pack sparkles under the candle light. It just lies there so solid and so unescapable. A sigh leaves my lips as I roll back over. I force my eyes close. I might as well get some sleep before the day of my first change happens.

I am lightly shaken away, “Daughter, daughter.” I peel my eyes open and my lovely mother is leaning over me with a soft smile, “Let us get you ready. There is some breakfast for you.” As I sit up, I grab the golden ring with a green emerald center. There is a serpent intertwined with the diamonds and emerald. In the mouth there is a diamond. Its eyes seem to be boring into my soul every time I look it.

Mother leads me to a seat in front of the mirror. I refuse to look at myself in the mirror. Mother gently brushes my dark black hair and she goes on and on about the ceremony and the transformation. She tries to comfort me and encourage me to eat the food before me. I only nod and do not take any food.
Once mother is done with brushing my hair and make-up, she lightly places my golden band on my head. The pearls lay coldly on my forehead, “You are the most beautiful, my dear. Look at yourself.” I do as she says and look up. I stare into my eyes and I can see the fear there.

The doors are opened and I stand by the opening. Our pack file out one by one. Each person congratulates me and offers me a hug and some offer me some words of advice. Finally everyone is gone except my parents and me. They each hug me and kiss my forehead. Before mother leaves she touches my cheek, “My dear girl. Do not be scared. It will hurt since it is your first. I love you very much and…..I am sorry, but the pack is your family and this….this IS a gift. You will see.” I say nothing as they leave.

The sun is setting and I just stand at the door. I pull my cloak over my head and stare down at my ring. The serpent’s white eyes glitter and stare at me. I touch the diamond and let out a huge sigh.
The moment the sun has set a huge pain strikes my body and heat takes over my body. I fall to my knees. I rip my black cloak off and begin to crawl away from the black doors. The moon is hidden behind the clouds and rain begins to pour down. It feels good on my burning skin.

It feels like the skin from my body is being torn away. I can barely breathe! I had made a promise to transform with dignity, but a scream rips from my throat and tears pour as hard as the rain around me. I fall to my side and cry out curses to my pack and this “gift”. The pain grows and grows and I want this to end. I scream to the point that my throat is raw.
I black-out for just a moment.

The rain stops as I open up my eyes. My view is weird and everything is sharper and clearer. Standing up, I go over to a puddle. My reflection is no longer of me, but a black and white wolf. I want to cry, but all I do is howl to the now shining moon.