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Joint Discussion: Dawn of War by Tim Marquitz

This month Blodeuedd and I will be discussing "Dawn of War" by Tim Marquitz

Author: Tim Marquitz
Title: Dawn of War (The Blood War #1)
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: ebook
First Published: July 2011
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

For hundreds of years, the bestial Grol have clawed at the walls of Lathah without success. Now armed with O'hra, mystical weapons of great power, they have returned, to conquer.

Witness to the Grol advance, Arrin can abide his exile no longer. He returns to Lathah, in defiance of death, with hopes to save his beloved princess and the child born of their illicit affair. He finds her unwilling to abandon her people. At her behest, Arrin searches for a sanctuary for them only to be confronted by the Sha'ree, a powerful race long thought gone from the world. Through them, he learns it is not just the Grol that threaten the land.

Empowered by a magic never before seen, the savage nations spread chaos and ruin across the realm. With Lathah under siege, and the world on the brink of cataclysmic war, Arrin must strike a deal with the Sha'ree to take the fight to the Grol, or forever lose his one true love: his family.

B: We do have the worst luck, it would be one thing if I loved, you hated, but we sure have picked many meh ones...though waiting your judgment now…

C: did not hate it. I am so happy I didn’t hate it!!! However…….it didn’t shock and amaze me. It was simply….okay-ish

B: Omg whaaat. Well ok that still proves my point ;) We can’t pick good or amazing ones, just ok ones. Oh poor us. But let’s get to the book then.

C:Lets….so…..where shall we begin?

B: Hmmm, honestly I do not have a lot to say. I thought it was  a messy piece of..not goodness *coughs* The world-building lacked. Too many races of cats, wolves, blah blah blah. Too many people I can not remember. The only guy I remember was the one who got a princess preggers, oh and some guy who had some kind of artifact. I only remember that he had something, his whole story I skimmed

C: Ugh. I have to agree. It was a bloody messy. Too much going on. I was honestly confused on who was on whose side. Who was who. I honestly wanted to just focus on Arran (or however you spell it) and that princess he knocked up X amount ago. I think it would have been WAY better if we just focused on his story and his exile and whatnot.

B: I agree, I did feel it was ok at first when we read about him, and I would love to have had more of a shocking reunion, and them finding their kid or something. But then, then came the boring guys, then came the cat people, then came whoever was fighting the cats. Then came the Uberwolves who did not like the lesser wolves and I was all wtf is going on? And then it went downhill for me. It really took away from that feeling I had first when it actually was good and then only ok, but then blerhhggg.

C: Yes, yes. Maybe the next book will be better and more focused. I think the author tried too hard to do world-building, which ended up in making me confused about the world. The beginning had me intrigued, but like you when the rest of the peeps showed up I was meh about it. However, I can see potential if the author calms down. LOL

B: I sure hopes he calms down, and not that the people attaching the cats are in fact eagles or something like that and then they all venture to  find the horses….

C: Gah. Just so much. But speaking of those eagle people, I was really grossed out that they hang their dead people up in the trees so “their spirits can fly” or whatever. Just….yuck. All I could imagine was a line of trees with nasty rotting dead bodies looking at me. 0_0

B: Lol. *me trailing through the woods* Damn, not another leg hitting me in the head* This forest sucks! Ok, let me think, ….what did you think of the evil prince? He was so overly evil for no reason, and not really evil at all. What a loser.

C: Yeah. I didn’t get why he was so evil and a total ahole. I didn’t get why they wouldn’t let the princess and that Arran guy be together. It’s not like they married that chick off to some king. They married her off to a congressman or something another. No one really, super special. SO who cares if she gets with their top warrior dude? Seriously!!!!

B: I am still confused about the world, so who could she have married? A cat, wolf, those hippie people`? But yes at least some Duke from the city, also confused about that country and if it was a city and nothing else. Big alliance there. Sheesh, at least Arran could have kept you all safe, but whatever let her marry someone else who seems to be a nobody. Oh and why is the king in a weird coma still?

C: I have no idea about what was up with the King. They mentioned it like once and didn’t elaborate. Maybe it's in the next book? Or he’s just old and has Alzheimer's or something. No idea. But nothing made sense. However, I must admit the war scene at the end entertained me a little bit. LOL That was the only thing that made sense to me war and death. xD

B: I seriously can not even remember the end...I had spaced out by then and was all, I am SO over this book. Can’t it just end. Can’t everyone just die? The only thing that intrigued me a bit were those uberwolves who was all, these lesser wolves sucks ass, but now we are scared of them.

C: It was kinda funny how they scoffed at them one minute and then realized they were kinda scary and they should be scared of them. But yeah, the war scene at the end literally lasted like 10 pages roughly. I just wanted more Arran!! He was dumb sometimes and his loyalty to that stupid kingdom annoyed me, but I liked him and wanted to know more about him. 

B: Ok I remember. Lame. I hate wars that are over in a second, give me blood, give me gore, and a red sun rises. Awww waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!! That city fell in second, that country before fell in like hours from what I remember. The people are really bad at their jobs, even if the wolves have magic.

C: They were fools. I’m glad the city fell. I hope one of those goul things ate that prince guy. 

B: I shall not trust you, you are exiled. Oh man, hold a grudge much? And why have you not gotten some lady preggers yet. Silly prince. Maybe he lost his privates in a fight or something.

C: Or maybe he was in love with Arran. And he was poed that Arran likes his sister. HAHAHA. 

B: Oh shit, you made me snort! Bf thought I was crazy cos I was talking at him and writing and then snort. But yes that would actually make sense, I KNOW it’s not like that, but in my mind that sure spices things up.

C: Hahaha we are too funny. BF thinks I’m a nut because I keep laughing. But yesssss that would make it interesting. Sooooo anything else to add? I know that it was not the best, but some parts entertained me. I’m glad I didn’t hate it like I thought I would after the first boring part popped up.

B: I am still thinking about the prince and feeling sorry for him now since he is madly in lust with Arran. Poor guy, for 15 years he has suffered and thought of his beloved Arran and then Arran comes back and is all where is she? Poor prince, his hope died that night...ok yes I am done now ;) It had ok parts, but was too messy for my taste and I totally skimmed all other parts than Arran’s. I would not read more.

C: Sadly, same here. I do want to know if Arran ends up with the princess or….maybe the prince *waggles eyebrows*. XD XD

B: *snort* He will definitely end up with the princess...or the cat lady? But I think princess cos her hubby dies, they find their kid and the prince dies and she becomes Queen and then they live happily ever after.

C: Sounds about right sadly. BOOOO! The end?

B: The end. And next we will by THE GODS read that YA book and by LOKI it must be good or I will go mad.

C: Eekkkkkk excited. *fingers crossed*

Overall, this was messy and there was a lot going on. I really wanted the book to focus on Arran and his story. There were boring parts and a couple fun parts. Super bummer that it wasn't as good as I hoped. However, I'm glad it wasn't a complete wash for me. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 2 stars. 


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My cover was so ugly

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This one isn't fantastic either.