Saturday, January 23

#FitReaders Check-In Weekly Check-in Jan 23 2016

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Finally getting back into the fun! I've been working out, but too lazy to record. :) Not too shabby! Next week I'll try to do the 5K!!!! 

Sun - Nothing really...did a lot of shopping and cleaning? LOL 
Mon - 1 mile bike, 10560 steps/day, & 10 mins weights
Tue - 30 mins weights/crunches/sit-ups/squats (didn't have my step tracker on)
Wed - 30 mins Zumba (didn't have my step tracker on - as you can see I am forgetful as heck)
Thu - 11886 step/day
Fri - 1 mile run, .50 mile bike, 5 mins weights (didn't have my step tracker...again)
Sat -  1.06 miles run, 1 mile bike, & 10 mins weights


Blodeuedd said...

I read it as 50 mile bike ;) and not .50 ;)

Anachronist said...

You go girl and cleaning counts!

Carole Rae said...

B, giiiiiirrrrrllll I would be dead if I did 50 miles!

Ana, it totally does!