Thursday, September 11

New Job Poetry

Sorry for late of posting this week. I started a new job (well, its not 100% new since I just transferred buildings) on Monday. in honor of that I'm doing a little free-style poetry.

New faces.
New places.
Missing the
Old faces
Old places.
Was this a mistake?
Should I have done this?
Why did I leave?
Where am I?
I am lost
Because I was stuck in
My own brain.
"Can I help you? You look lost?"
Asks a kindly old man.
" for
The kitchen?"
He points me down the hall.
I wasn't too far off.

Too many names to remember.
Too many different faces
Too many different places.
Why did I do this?
I try to smile,
I try to look happy.
But on the inside
I regret leaving the familiar,
I miss my old co-workers.
A nice girl is training me,
But she barely talks to me.
I feel like such a baby,
Because everything is new to me.
I don't know where the sugar
I don't know where the bathroom
I feel so stupid.
I feel so hopeless.
With each passing minute
It feels better.
I wish I could just skip
So I won't be a newbie