Thursday, April 3

Thursday Book Teaser: Middlesex

Happy Thursday everyone! It's time for a little teaser from a book I'm currently reading. It's taking me longer then I wanted...but I should have it done and a review typed up for tomorrow. It's a good day to read, so maybe I'll get it done tonight. It's cloudy and windy and threatening to rain. ALSO, it's my day off and I have no ambition to adventure out of my den.

Page Number: 401

'From my birth when they went undetected, to my baptism where they upstaged the priest, to my troubled adolescence when they didn't do much of anything and then did everything at once, my genitals have been the most significant thing that ever happened to me. Some people inherit houses; others paintings or highly insured violin bows. Still others get a Japanese tansu or a famous name. I got a recessive gene on my fifth chromosome and some very rare family jewels indeed.

My parents had at first refused to believe the emergency room doctor's wild claim about my anatomy. The diagnosis, delivered over the phone to a largely uncomprehending Milton and then bowdlerized by him for Tessie's benefit, amounted to a vague concern about the formation of my urinary tract along with a possible hormonal deficiency. The doctor in Petoskey hadn't performed a karyotype. His job was to treat my concussion and contusions, and when he was done with that, he let me go.

My parents wanted a second opinion. At Milton's insistence I had been taken one last time to see Dr. Philobosian.' 


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