Sunday, April 27

1.1 Shattering the Glass Window

(This is prompt one from the writing challenge that I mentioned earlier)

1.1 Shattering the glass window: List 8 personality flaws you have. Then write a couple sentences describing them.

  • Worry-wart
    • If you're looking for someone who should have their picture next to this word in the dictionary, then it is I who you're looking for. I try not to, but I worry and worry.
  • Frugal
    • Yes, I'm one of those. I try not to spend money needlessly when I can find the same object for way cheaper. I prefer a little diners over 5 star restaurants; cheaper and more food. 
  • Homebody
    • Don't get me wrong, I like to go out and about and go party. However, I love staying home with a book in one hand and tea in the other. 
  • Rambling/Ranting
    • Trust me, when I get going on something I won't stop! I try not to get mad when people ignore me after a while. My parents have often express their true feelings on this flaw.
  • Crying while mad
    • It's one thing to cry when you're upset or sad, but it is not effective crying while trying to express anger. It's super frustrating.
  • Being lame
    • I've often been accused of being lame or even at times ridiculous. This window didn't shatter until a few years ago when I graduated High School. Someone pointed out this fact to me. I suppose that I'll be that lame mom who embarrasses her child.
  • Self-conscious
    • Sometimes people mistake this for seeming prude, but I'm not to that point where I'm comfortable with myself physically and sometimes even emotionally or mentally. Honestly, though, I was taught to act like a lady, so I guess sometimes I do have an unnecessary "prude" side to me.
  • Stuttering/Lisping when nervous
    • I naturally have a small lisp, but it becomes quite noticeable when I'm put in an awkward situation or I'm nervous/anxious. Also, stuttering may occur in super "fun" situations.
(The first 5 prompts are really basic and easy-ish. Some seem to be a challenge.)