Tuesday, April 22

Book Review: Running Fox by Cassie Edwards

Author: Cassie Edwards
Title: Running Fox 
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 336
First Published: December 5th, 2006
Where I Got It: On my shelf (a used book store at Frankenmuth)

"Nancy Partrain's life in pioneer Michigan has become a nightmare since her mother married her stepfather--who has involved her in his underhanded whiskey trading scheme. Then Nancy meets handsome Running Fox, chieftain of the Fox band of the Lakota tribe, who wants to put an end to her stepfather's corruption of his people. In each other they stir feelings of hope, freedom...and longing. Stolen away to eerie Ghost Island by Running Fox, Nancy finds herself falling for her abductor. But can she allow his tender passion to finally heal her wounded heart?"

This certainly was a cute and fluffy romance and that's what I needed. It was a quick and light read and I got it done in a day and a half. There was did seem to be a couple dark reminders in there - whites taking advantage of the Native and how alcohol has and will destroy many lives. I certainly didn't expect Whiskey Joe (Nancy's evil step-father) to be the only bad guy. In the end, he did prove to be quite the baddie and a madman. 

Sometimes this did seem to be over the top of cute and fluffy. Oddly, there wasn't an abundance of smutty scenes. Not complaining...but it was odd. There was more kissy-face and lots of talk of loving each other. More talk then action in this. It was cute...but got a little annoying, because it was pretty much copy and paste of previous talks they had. Meh. 

The characters were okay. Running Fox was your a-typical Historical Romance man character. Loving, but a man's man. It did seem odd that he fell in love the moment he saw her. There was not much of a fight there...that was part of the motivation of kidnapping Nancy to begin with. Yes, he wanted revenge and he wanted to teach Whiskey Joe the errors of his ways, but c'mon...he even admitted that he fell in love with her the moment he seen her. I liked him though. I wish he was more complex and not so 2D, but oh well. 

Now Nancy...I had mixed feelings with her. At the beginning and middle, I really liked her. She's very beautiful and she can sing and she has a brave, but loving heart. Perfect in almost everyway. BUT she has to wear glasses. LOVED the fact that without them, she was lost. She couldn't see worth a damn. She was humble. However, a certain event happened, which seems TOTALLY not possible; maybe a one in one million chance. It ruined it. I was not happy. *SPOILER ALERT* The author took the one major flaw that made me like this character. Nancy just happens to slip and fall and hit her head on a rock. She comes to and she can freakin' see perfect. 20/20. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES????? *END OF SPOILER* I couldn't keep it in. I had to rant a little bit about that event.

In the end, this was certainly a cute and fluffy romance. More kissy-face and words, then actual dirty stuff. It was there, but not what is normal for these type of books. I liked it. Even though the kissy-face got annoying from time to time, it was a nice change. I liked the baddie, he certainly was a baddie and a madman too boot. The other characters were alright too. I would recommend this to those that like Historical Romance and for those looking for a nice cute, light, and fluffy book to read. Out of five stars, I shall stamp this with...ummmm....3. 

Favorite Character(s): Nancy, Whiskey Joe (just because he was a good baddie) Tiny Doe, Soft Star, and Running Fox
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Carole (Nancy's madre. Just ugh.)

**PS - Doesn't the guy on the cover look like a super tan and buff version of James Franco????**


Blodeuedd said...

That guy is white...was he at least kidnapped as a child?

Carole Rae said...

No....no he wasn't. Full-blooded. *shakes head*