Thursday, March 1

Stop, Drop, Alexa Blog Hop & Question of the Week & Funnies

I have nothing else to share and post about today, so I've decided to join in on another Karma Media blog hop. Not only that, but I decided to add another feature to this hop...why not ask a question and make this blog hopping fun. I just copied and cut from Stressed Rach's post:

"Karma Media proudly presents the Stop, Drop and Alexa hop!
Everyone wants to lower their Alexa rank!  Link up to our Alexa hop!  Before linking up, remembering the following:
1. The Alexa toolbar must be installed.  You can download it here, it only takes a few seconds.  When you have the toolbar downloaded, this helps lower your score.
2. Visit the other blogs that have linked up.
3. Once you click on a blog, allow the page to fully load and then click
on a second page.  Leave a comment so they can visit you in return.
4. Share this hop on Facebook and Twitter, this only helps more bloggers find this hop and increase visits. 
Let’s work together to lower our Alexa Rank!"

What are some healthy things you do?

I'lll list four things I do to get in shape and get in healthier. haha.
    1. I take the stairs at school (at least going down, going up is hard ^.^)
    EVIL MONKEY from Family Guy...
    2. I work out at least three days a week

    3. I cut out pop for a little over a month, now that I'm not addicted anymore. I'll let myself have one cup or can a week. I mostly drink water, Apple Jucie, Hi-C, and flavored water.

    4. When walking to class, I'll take the long way

    Just simple things can help you get into shape or just be a little healthier. Doing such simple things makes a world of difference. After I got over being addicted to caffeine and all that sugar, I felt a million times better! I actually have more energy and I don't have sugar crushes anymore. I rarely nap now. At work I work faster and have more energy. 



    Jen said...

    oh, no, not looking at the healthy aspects of life lol! for me, it would be a gluten free diet and staying away from refined sugars!
    thanks for stopping by mom-ology! enjoy your coffee! :)


    Blodeuedd said...

    I stopped drinking soda too, it was not good for me at all

    Wendi said...

    LOL - Love your funnies! I can so relate to a few of them - or trying to stay on top of them at least - walking farther and cutting out pop.... :)

    Stopping by from Stop Drop... ~ Wendi
    You can also visit me at

    Rachel said...

    Loving the cartoons with this.
    I am trying to get healthier... sort of lol

    BTW Stopping by from the Alexa Hop x x

    Carole Rae said...

    Jennifer, no problem! I love sugar so its hard for me to stay away. haha.

    B, I hear ya! It was really hard to quite, but I'm glad I did it. I would get the shakes sometimes and daydream about drinking pop. How bad is that? Now I know its overrated.

    Wendi, thanks. :3 It's a work in progress. Make it a goal to not drink ANY pop or caffeine for a month. Its hard.

    Rach, they are pretty cute and funny. I love the unicorn one the best. Me too...its a lot of work with all the temptation surrounding us.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

    Visiting from the stop Drop Alexa Hop.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures