Tuesday, November 29

Music Monday/Tuesday...

Again I'm late in posting this...I apologize. I got out of work late and they had me go pick up some things at the Romeo store that we didn't get on truck today. Of course its super rainy and cold and dark outside. Alas, I made it home, but I'm still colder than a cold thing on cold pills. Brrrrrr....anyways, shall we begin with the music?

This song/anthem has been running through my head while I read The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots. I wonder why...it's Scotland's anthem, 'Flower of Scotland'. I may be an Elizabeth fan, but I also adore Mary of the Scots. If only they could have worked together. ANYWAYS, this video also shows some pictures that give a little taste of Scotland. Enjoy:

Ah, another AZIATIX song. ^.^ I'm really loving this band. They're pretty epic. I like all the guys in the band, but Nicky Lee is by far my beloved. He's my pretend "boyfriend". Hahaha, don't judge me. -.- Well, this one is 'Slippin Away':

AND of course the funny video...here's another 'How It Should Of Ended' video by HISHEdotcom. This one is in honor of Twilight...okay....I'll even show the "bonus" scene. Woot woot!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks selection of videos! I hope the rest of your week is AMAZING!



Blodeuedd said...

Haha, I love how it should have ended!!!

Carole Rae said...

hahahaha. I love those guys. They are so freakin' hilarious.

Unknown said...

Love this post. As a Scottish lass myself i had a nice wee sing along to Flower of Scotland :-)

Passing through & following for the Beck Valley hop.


Chrissy Peebles said...

Love it! New GFC followerer here. Stopping by your lovely blog on the blog hop. Hope you'll stop on by mine and that we can become wonderful friends.

Carole Rae said...

TToria, ^.^ thanks! I love your country's national anthem. I love Scotland...that's were my grandpa's family is from. I'll defiantly stop on by!

Chrissy Peebles, awwwww thankies! I will be more than happy to stop on by. ^.^

Unknown said...

Aw so you've background from there too, fab! It is a catchy 'ol song ay lol, cheers for stopping by my blog :-)

Chrissy Peebles said...

Thanks, Carole!

Unknown said...

Carole, how is The Bow of Heaven? I've thought about picking it up, but wasn't sure!!

Carole Rae said...

TToria, yeeeeahhh lol. Gotta love ol' Scotland. Huzzah! Thanks for stopping by at mine too!

Allison, I'm liking it so far...I'm only on chapter 5 though...you should pick it up! Maybe I'll share your review on the blog too. haha. =D

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! I may pick it up!!

Carole Rae said...

You should! =D