Monday, November 14

Music Monday

I guess its not really "late" this week. It's just a few minutes before midnight *wipes sweat from forehead*. I refuse to use the scheduled posting thingy anymore, because it hates me. It only works when it wants to work. ...oh well. I hope your Monday was fantastic! was okay. 

Shall we begin? I think we shall!

I have three new songs that are stuck in my head. The first one is You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship. I love this song a lot:

The second is Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes featuring the amazing HOT Adam Levine. Not only do I love this song, but I feel like Braden (from 'Touch of the Wolf') would secretly love this song and want to sing this for Cassidy:

The third is Go by Aziatix. This is a newish band that three guys made. One of those guys is my beloved Nicky Lee (he sings No More Cryin). I'm really beginning to love this song. ^.^ This is my favorite by them so far. I kept finding myself singing this song at work yesterday. Haha. Enjoy:

Now it's time for a funny video. In honor of Justin Bieber (*gags*) and his little public scandal. Here's 'Leave Bieber Alone!' by the always funny Dom from theDOMINICshow:

I hoped you enjoyed today's selection of videos! Cheers!


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