Wednesday, March 13

Audiobook Review: Threads of Magic by Monica Fairview

Author: Monica Fairview
Narrator: Jennifer M. Dixon
Title: Threads of Magic
Series: Mr. Darcy's Magic #2
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Romance, P&P Variation, Retellings
Format: Audiobook
Published: January 25, 2022
Where I got It: Audible

In a magical Regency England, two powerful magicians strive to find a balance between love and duty as they confront enemies who might well be their closest friends.

Elizabeth Bennet may be a heroine, but by defying some of the most powerful mages in England, she has made enemies who will stop at nothing to embroil her in scandal.

So when she is accused of endangering the Royal Mages through her reckless actions, she no longer knows who to trust. Even the gentleman she loves is taking their side. It seems the only person who believes her is the captive French mage who is imprisoned in the cellar at Netherfield.

Meanwhile, Fitzwilliam Darcy is willing to fight to the death to defend Elizabeth, if only she would stop getting herself into trouble. Why does she always have to break the rules? And why does even her sister Jane cause him so many problems?

Join us in this magical Jane Austen Regency variation. Set mostly in Meryton, with familiar beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice, you will once again be captivated by Elizabeth and Darcy as they struggle to find true love against the backdrop of England’s war with Napoleon.

This is book 2 of the series. Finally decided to jump in. 

We continue with Lizzie and Darcy. They survived the last battle but the war keeps going on. Lizzie and Darcy are trying to balance duty and their love. They are partners mages, but also a married couple. When events happen, Lizzie finds herself being blamed for them. Rumors spread and now very few people trust her. She will have to try and figure out how to find out the truth before her enemies finally destroy her for good. 

I wanted to slap everyone (except for Lizzie and dear Jane)!!!!!!!!!! I especially wanted to kick Darcy in the face. JUST communicate. TALK TO LIZZIE DARN YOU!

I felt very frustrated with this one. I truly don't understand why everyone blamed her so easily. Damn rich folks. Even though she saved all of them in the last battle and she is a wonderful mage, they still look down their noses at her. Damn aholes. 

Hopefully with the conclusion of this one everyone will stop jumping on the Blame-Lizzie Train. We'll see how book 3 goes. Yes, I plan on reading the next one. 

OOooOO! Jane is here! I loved getting to see her more. She, and the rest of the Bennetts, were barely seen in book 1 so it was lovely to finally see Jane and Bingley start falling for each other (no spoiler here...we all know they are soulmates). 

The narrator was good. I really enjoyed her voices. I hope she does the third book.

All-in-all, I didn't like this one nearly as much as book 1. I found myself SO annoyed SO many times. Yes, I get why Lizzie might be slightly sus, but Darcy should've communicated and talked to her. It's like all his character growth from book 1 went away for a while. Yes, he finally opens his eyes, but I wanted to kick him. I hope book 3 is way better and not so Blame-Lizzie-for-everything-damn-the-proof. I'll give this 3 stars. It would've been 2 stars, but with Jane and Bingley finally meeting....and the last scene at the Ball....I was content.

One Word Summary: Frustrating

- Audiobook #13
- Romance Reading Challenge #9 (Blue dress on cover) 


Jen Twimom said...

Stoopid spouse! Why can't he talk to and support Lizzie?

Blodeuedd said...

Did I just listen to book 3? Gosh my memory is bad

Carole Rae said...

Jen, RIGHT!?

B, I think you did?