Thursday, March 14

All Pride & Prejudice....All the time....Carole's Top 5

Soooo I recently went on a Pride & Prejudice bender. I watched all the ones I could get my hands on. Ones I couldn't, I watched some clips so I could remember which was which and etc. I haven't done a P&P movie marathon since I was a wee little thing. 

Now, I love all of them. They all have their own sparkle and shine, but here is my list! (Please note - I am not counting any adaptions that are put in modern times or weird situations like P&P Zombies...which I still need to watch that someday)

5. Pride And Prejudice (1980)

Sadly, I placed this one here. I struggled with watching this back in the day. Not sure if I even finished it or did I just forget? Who knows. I recently just watched some clips to try and spark my memory. 

I will admit that I remember this being very, very close to the book. I did some reading and people agree that this is the closet to the books. But 80s. The acting is okay. The cast is okay.

Maybe someday I'll track down the full version to re-watch. Maybe being older I will like this better. 

4. Pride and Prejudice (1967)

I didn't watch this until probably 2012 or 2013. It was one that was hard to locate since it never made it to home video. I barely remember this one and, to my delight, I was able to find all the episodes on YouTube. 

I did really like this and it gives play feels. Simple transitions and simple backgrounds. I enjoyed the Lizzie and Darcy. However, I struggled to like the Mr. Bingley. He seemed to be missing that easy charm. I am bummed they cut one of the sisters, Mary. Boo. She is my third favorite Bennet sister. 

Oooo I did love the fact we got to see more of the Bingleys and their POVs. That was nice.

Very fun and very old school. Def worth a watch. However, I will place this in 4th place. 

3. Pride and Prejudice (1995)

I'm sure I'll get a lot of slack for this one being lower on the list. This seems to be a favorite amongst the community. 

I adore the Darcy here, but he isn't my favorite Darcy amongst all four of these fellas. The cast is amazing and they all do a great job. However, I struggle with the Lizzie here. She seems...bored (?) for the majority of the film. It's hard to pinpoint, but she just doesn't feel like Lizzie-esque to me. I'm sure there is a riot outside my window with this opinion. *hides in the basement*

The costumes are great and I loved the music in this one. I did like that it is pretty faithful to the original story so bonus points there. 

2. Pride And Prejudice (1940)

Another controversial placement! Many put this much lower on the list, but this was my first P&P movie so it holds a special place in my heart. It is under-appreciated! 

Love, love, love the Darcy and Lizzie. This Lizzie is my 2nd favorite and this Darcy takes first place in my heart. I love them. I love the cast. Darcy's 2nd proposal at the end always makes my heart thump. Awwwwww. *swoons*

This is def 1940s vibe, so be warned. I would LOVE to see this colored so I can enjoy the costumes and etc more. 

1. Pride And Prejudice (2005)

Annnnnnnnnnd number 1 is this version. I can watch this over and over and over again. I watched this twice in March. The cast is amazing. The script fun. The costumes fun. The scenes....beautiful. I loved it all. Simply the best of the best in my opinion. 

The Darcy is my 2nd favorite and the Lizzie my first favorite. They have great chemistry. Whenever they are scene together you can feel the chemistry...the hate...the desire....the misunderstanding. All beautifully done. 

So yes, I can gush on this version all day. Def my favorite. 


Which of the P&Ps are your faves? 


Jen Twimom said...

I'm pretty sure I saw the Keira Knightley one at some point.

Blodeuedd said...

OMG you horrible woman! You have the most epic PP on third?! THIRD?!?!?!?!?!

Also, I never found the 60s version. I did not even know there was one!

Oh, and they should totally do another PP hahaha

Carole Rae said...

Jen, it's soooo good.

B, *hides*
*peaks around the corner* Always do P&P ;)