Tuesday, March 19

B's Tuesday Review: Happier Than We Deserve by Melissa Halcomb

By: Melissa Halcomb

Narrated by: Danielle Cohen

Series: A Pride & Prejudice Variation [Melissa Halcomb]

Length: 11 hrs and 7 mins

Release date: 03-19-24

Publisher: Tantor Audio

PP variation / to review

I do love my Pride and prejudice variations. I can´t get enough of them. Because they are all different.

Here Mr Bennet inherited some money, and kept it hidden until he died. Yes, not cool. We all know they were scared of what would happen if he died, as a certain Collins would inherit. And now they suddenly have money, all daughters still unmarried, and what happens? Well Jane takes charge. I really liked her here. She got the responsibility and she took it, and she took control. This is not the way to run a household. Everyone must change!

Some things change, some things never change. We always need a Mr Darcy, and he does make some mistakes before seeing the error of his ways.

I liked it. I especially liked Jane. I even grew to like Mrs Bennet. It all worked out so well.

Good narration. She does well with different voices for everyone. And she has the right feel for the book.

That terrible event Elizabeth and her family has ever dreaded has come to pass and brought with it changes which none of them could have anticipated. Faced with navigating a whole new world with whole new advantages, are they up to the task? Collecting marriage proposals like handkerchiefs, Elizabeth wonders if she might have spurned her one chance at lasting happiness when she learns that Mr Darcy is not at all who she believed him to be.

Darcy is tired of fighting his feelings. His heart knows what it wants, and that is Elizabeth Bennet. When he learns that Mr. Bennet has passed away, he imagines riding in as the white knight, a savior come to rescue his beloved from a life of poverty. But when he reaches Hertfordshire, something is amiss and he finds that Elizabeth needs no rescuing, thank you very much.