Monday, April 17

Blodeuedd's Monday: Kismet by Becky Chalsen

352 pages, Paperback

Expected publication April 18, 2023 by Dutton

Women´s fiction / to review

For as long as anyone can remember, it has been Amy, Jo, and Ben. Amy and Jo, the inseparable Sharp twins who couldn't be more different; and Ben, Amy's childhood sweetheart turned husband.

But as this year's Fourth of July weekend approaches, something feels off. Jo's whirlwind engagement and wedding ceremony now eclipses the twins' long-awaited thirtieth birthday. Recent arguments between Amy and Ben have left their marriage feeling more like make-believe than ever-after. And as the family beach town transforms for Jo's wedding weekend, Amy's trusted trio will be tested by the most unexpected hurdle yet: the arrival of a handsome, mysterious newcomer in a best man suit. One with a strikingly familiar face. A face that Amy had planned to never see again.

This holiday weekend, even the strongest SPF won't protect the Sharp twins from all the secrets about to take center stage.

I went in thinking romance, no this was not romance    spoiler The main character cheats on her husband. And then it is just fine again. spoiler 

Not even romantic fiction, more like women´s fiction. But hey that is what I get when it is about a wedding.

This was the story of two sisters. Jo who is getting married to a man she recently met. They will have a week of activities before the wedding. Amy comes with her husband Ben. They are having difficulties in their marriage. And then there is the man she has not seen for years that shows up.

There is drama. Amy and her husband. Inlaws that do not like Jo. And the wedding approaching.

When I put the whole oh not romance thing aside it was good, though Amy is not a good person and honestly Ben, maybe you should leave her.


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Sophia Rose said...

I'm so hung up on romance that even in women's fic, I'm looking for romance. Sounds like it got dramatic.

Carole Rae said...

I def read the spoiler ;)