Thursday, June 30

Audiobook Review: How to Catch a Queen by Alyssa Cole

Author: Alyssa Cole
Narrator: Karen Chilton
Title: How to Catch a Queen
(Runaway Royals #1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
Format: Audiobook
Published: December 1st 2020
Where I got It: Borrowed from library

When Shanti Mohapi weds the king of Njaza, her dream of becoming a queen finally comes true. But it’s nothing like she imagined. Shanti and her husband may share an immediate and powerful attraction, but her subjects see her as an outsider, and everything she was taught about being the perfect wife goes disastrously wrong.

A king must rule with an iron fist, and newly crowned King Sanyu was born perfectly fitted for the gauntlet, even if he wishes he weren’t. He agrees to take a wife as is required of him, though he doesn’t expect to actually fall in love. Even more vexing? His beguiling new queen seems to have the answers to his country’s problems—except no one will listen to her.

By day, they lead separate lives. By night, she wears the crown, and he bows to her demands in matters of politics and passion. When turmoil erupts in their kingdom and their marriage, Shanti goes on the run, and Sanyu must learn whether he has what it takes both to lead his people and to catch his queen.

Been itching to read more by this author! Love her books and characters and this world!

Here we follow Sanyu and Santi. Sanyu is the newly crowned king and Shanti is his arranged wife. All her life she wanted to be a queen and make a difference in the world. She thought her prayers were answered when she wed the new king of Njaza, but her dreams are shattered. There is an obvious attraction between her and her new husband, but he wants nothing to do with her. The people and advisors see her as an outsider and will not listen to her. Sanyu doesn't think he can take his father's place and he doesn't think he can lead this nation his father built. When turmoil erupts in their kingdom and their already shaky marriage, Shanti decides to leave. Sanyu must learn whether he has what it takes to lead his people and catch his queen and actually have her by his side instead of in the shadows. 

Sanyu was for sure set up for failure. I felt so bad for him! He father never kept a wife. Also tossed them to the side...including Sanyu's own mother. The advisors will not listen and think they know best. There is an advisor who is supposed to be like a second father to him, but constantly undermines him and tells him he is nothing but a failure. Ya....and how is Sanyu supposed to rule effectively? SMH

And yes, I felt for Shanti. She has dreams of wearing a crown and making an actual difference in the world. She wants to give people rights and do good. The wrong kingdom to marry into that is for sure! The old king was known for tossing many a wife. None of them stuck. 

But right away you can see they are meant to be together. They fit each other perfectly for marriage/love and for ruling a nation together! took FOREVER for them to see it too. Which worked, but drove me to insanity.

So that is the obvious issue for me. It took forever and when they finally step up and tell the advisors to back-off and admit they love each was done. We did get an epilogue, but it wasn't enough for me. I really wanted to see a little bit more of them fighting side-by-side and loving each other at night. Some of the boring parts of her being all alone could've been trimmed a bit. Give us more of the love!!

But that was my only issue. 

The narrator was PERFECT for these two!!!

In the end, I wanted more of them being an actual loving couple fighting for their people. We only got a little bit of that before the story ended. Other than that, I adored them finding their way to each other and finding themselves. Can't wait to read more! 4 stars from me. 

- #29 for Audiobook challenge


Melliane said...

I heard a lot about this author, I really need to try her books

Carole Rae said...

Yesss! you must! I love her

Mary Kirkland said...

That sounds like a good premise for a book. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it.

Blodeuedd said...

Yes I like this series and the narrator is good

Jen Twimom said...

I loved that she wanted to be a princess, not for the crown and power, but to make a difference.

Carole Rae said...

Mary, it was fun and different.

B, the narrator is good!

Jen, agreed. I adored her for wanting to do good for the people