Monday, June 27

Not-Quite-So-Saturday Joint Review: Heartstopper (s1)

This month we decided to review season 1 of Heartstopper!

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in purple.

Title:  Heartstopper
Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: 2022
Season: 1
Rating: TV-14

Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.
Click here for the trailer. 

We decided to watch a TV series this time. Heartstopper on Netflix. I had heard amazing things

Yes! I love a good shake up. Plus this looked SO good. 

I was confused at first, I did not realised it was set in the UK. And it does bring such a different feel than a US show ;) I really liked that. Everyone felt so normal you know. 

Esp with the little graphics that would pop up. Like the little hearts. It was so cute and I loved the feel of the show. It felt like normal life. Not overly dramatic, but real. 

Yes, so real, so funny with the little hearts and things. So cute, and I was so rooting for them.

I literally had all the emotions. I loved how they had a lot of representation. That was touching! I want a 2nd season. I feel like there is so much more story to tell. Esp with Tao and Elle. 

Did I check or not? I am sure a 2nd is coming, it must be. This was a hit

I didn’t check. I would think season 2 would be a thing eventually. This was a hit! I just hope they leave Charlie and his boy alone. I want them to have as little drama as possible. LOL They melted my heart. Oooooo that scene with Nick and his mum!!!! OMG I was crying and clapping. 

They always do it though. Silly drama. Another love interest, some conflict. I just want them to be happy!!!!!!!

Sammeeee. I can handle a tiny bit of drama. Maybe Ben tries to win Charlie back? But I hope they focus more on Tao and Elle. Or even Tara and her girlfriend. Maybe Imogen can get a small storyline. I liked her. She was so sweet. 

I’d like that Tao and Elle, and what about Charlie’s sister? She was just kind of in the background. She could have a story too

Trueeeeee Charlie’s sister needs a spotlight. I would like to learn more about her and her world. I think she is graduated? See? I don’t even remember. 

She had a school uniform? We never really saw her. Oh well, there are at least more stories to tell

Yes indeed! There is a lot of stories to tell. But I did love watching Charlie and Nick fall in love. I loved watching Nick find his true self. This gave me all the feels. 

It really was one for the feels, I am happy we chose it.

I am too! It only has 8 episodes and they are not very long so it was a quick watch. I am thinking of rewatching it. 

I do like a good binge! And that is what you do it was a good binge series. Really good. Can't say anything bad. The end?

Zero issues! Loved every minute. Def worth the watch!
Yes, the end! 


Berls said...

This is the second time in just a week I've heard about this show. I think it's a sign that I need to watch it. Glad y'all enjoyed it so much!

Carole Rae said...

It is sooo good. :)

Jen Twimom said...

I think I'll recommend this one to my daughter - she's always looking for new shows to watch. Thanks!

Blodeuedd said...

Fun times!

Carole Rae said...

Jen, I hope she likes it!

B, yesss!

Jen Twimom said...

She actually watched it already! LOL