Sunday, December 26

2-in-1 Short Story Review: All She Wants for Christmas & A Countess for Christmas

Author: Amy Rose Bennett
Title: All She Wants for Christmas
Genre: Historical Romance, Short Story
Format: ebook
Pages: 88 
Published:  May 8th 2016
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

A frosty bluestocking and a hot-blooded rake. A stolen kiss and a Yuletide wedding. Sparks fly, but will hearts melt this Christmas?

When confirmed bluestocking, Tessa Penrose, is thoroughly compromised at a Yuletide ball by Jasper, the Earl of Arlington, she is none too pleased to have to marry him. But not only her reputation is at stake. Can Tessa trust this disreputable rogue with a secret she will do anything to hide?

One thing is certain: she dare not trust her husband with her heart.

I like this author a lot and I randomly found this one as a freebie on Amazon so of course, I had to read it!

We have Tessa who is a confirmed bluestocking who doesn't want to marry...ever. And we have rakehell Jasper, the Earl of Arlington. At the Yuletide ball, Jasper accidentally compromises her after she discovers him with someone else. Whoops. Can the two find common ground? Can they trust each other with their secrets or their heart?

Silly, silly Jasper. LOL I do not think he has an ill-willed bone in his body, but he is a dumb-dumb. On top of that, he is just a rake doing rakish things, but this time he got caught kissing Tessa. 

Their secrets were not bad, but you for sure do not want the ton knowing about it. It actually made me smile because it was something they could really find common ground about. I won't say, but the secrets were sad about how they came across. 

This was a quick read and it was good. There was a little bit of drama, but it was easily solved when they talked. Cute and quick and I loved these two as a couple. 5 stars from me. 

Author: Anthea Lawson
Title: A Countess for Christmas
(Noble Holidays #1)
Genre: Historical Romance, Short Story
Format: ebook
Pages: 55
Published: December 3rd 2013
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Miss Cecilia Fairfax dreads the upcoming holidays. Between caring for her elderly father and managing a household barely out of mourning, she has no time for the softer things in life.

Liam Barrett, the Earl of Tarrick, is certain he will not accept Marcus Fairfax's invitation to spend Christmas at the Fairfax family's estate - and the man's tales of a family ghost have nothing to do with his decision.

Of all the blessings of the season, sometimes the most unexpected is love...

This was a recommendation from Amazon so why not! Another regency romance during the Xmas season. 

Here we have Miss Cecilia Fairfax who is dreading the upcoming holidays. She is caring for her elderly father and managing a household barely out of mourning. She really has no time for anything especially love. In comes Liam, the Earl of Tarrick, who is certain he will not accept Marcus Fairfax's invitation to spend the holiday at the Fairfax family's estate, but he can't help himself. Will there be a Christmas miracle and they will have the most unexpected gift of all.

I struggled a little bit with this one. I didn't connect with Cecilia or Liam. Maybe I needed more time and to watch more interactions between the two? It felt forced...kinda. I don't know. 

Even though I didn't buy them as a couple, they both deserved love so, in the end, I was happy they found each other. 

I did love the format. We got to see some letters. That was fun! 

Not a bad read for the holiday season. Quick and two characters who need love. I'll give this 3 stars. 



Blodeuedd said...

Yes on the first
Dunno on the second since you did not connect

Carole Rae said...

Yess the first was the best of the two for sure