Tuesday, April 13

Book Review: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires by Molly Harper

Author: Molly Harper
Title: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires
(Half-Moon Hollow #1)
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, UF
Format: ebook
Pages: 384
Published: July 31st 2012
Where I Got It: Borrowed from library

Iris Scanlon, Half-Moon Hollow’s only daytime vampire concierge, knows more about the undead than she’d like. Running all their daylight errands—from letting in the plumber to picking up some chilled O neg—gives her a look at the not-so-glamorous side of vampire life. Her rules are strict; relationships with vamps are strictly business, not friendship—and certainly not anything else. But then she finds her newest client, Cal, poisoned on his kitchen floor, and only Iris can help.

Cal - who would be devastatingly sexy, if Iris allowed herself to think that way - offers Iris a hefty fee for hiding him at her place until he figures out who wants him permanently dead. Even though he’s imperious, unfriendly and doesn't seem to understand the difference between "employee" and "servant," Iris agrees, and finds herself breaking more and more of her own rules to help him - particularly those concerning nudity.

Turns out what her quiet little life needed was some intrigue & romance—in the form of her very own stray vampire. 

I've had my eyes on this one for a bit since I started reading/listening to this author's work. Found this at my library's ebook station the other day so yayy!

The story follows Iris who is the daytime vamp concierge. She knows more about the undead than she'd like, but money is money and she has a younger sister to take care of. Things seem to be going normal until she finds her newest client, Cal, poisoned on his kitchen floor nearly dead...re-deard? Cal is devastatingly sexy and rich. He offers Iris a huge amount of money to hide him at her place until he/they can figure out who wants him forever dead. He's sexy, but he is for sure unfriendly and imperious. 

Gotta love this author! She really knows how to make romances fun! She really did a wonderful job with giving this overused romance trope (vamp dude and human gal) and making it feel fresh and new. So much fun!

Cal was a grump, but he is SUPER old and has been around for a long time so I get his meh attitude with humans. Esp since the great coming-out a few years previous lead to a lot of his kind being killed by dumb humans. 

Grr humans. Yes, yes, humans can't handle the unknown and new. Sure, it's been a few years now, but I would not forgive or trust them either if I was Cal. 

But I loved Iris and her sister. They are one of the few. Sure, Iris is very wary about the vamps she does not know, she does not hate them. 

Her sister was hilarious! I believe she has a later book. I want her to find love when she is grown. 

This world is fun and I am curious to read on. *goes on Goodreads* Okay - I am tempted to read book 2. It sounds like fun! Seems to be about a witch. Fun!

The mystery was pretty good. Wasn't quite sure on the who and why, but I had my guesses. Close but not close enough ;) I wasn't crazy about how everything ended. Don't get me wrong...it was good, but I felt like it was missing something. Can't put my finger on it...

Overall, I enjoyed it. I do want more! I'll give this a 4! This series has potential!


Melliane said...

It's been so long since I haven't read one of her books!

Jen Twimom said...

Oh, love this series! I should go back and listen to them all again.

Blodeuedd said...

HUmans! *shakes fist*

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, I like her a lot!

Jen, I'm liking it so far!

B, dang humans!