Friday, May 24

Blog All About It: Bloom

This month's prompt is:  Bloom

Gunna go the lazy root this month! Sharing some poems with BLOOM mixed in. ;)

Beauty in nature
Flower blooms so succulent
Hummingbirds flutter
by: Carol Brown

by: Gutter Grimer

Dripping in and out
A framed landscape
Of seasons
Permeated on your porch
Blooming in their decay 
Sulfur would smell 
As sweet as summer 
Within these picket pillars

by: Sergio Esteban

A beautiful meadow 
Lays dormant inside 
I wished it blossom 
But it’s not its time
It’s been neglected
For such a long time
But it needs attention 
To bloom in time 

I’ll take care of you 
If you let me in 
We all have our troubles 
No one is immune to sin
I know you’re not perfect 
But neither am I 
We’re just mere mortals 
On this garden of eden 
We call life

My eyes run blood red 
Like the moon at times 
I’m always wishing 
I could be by your side
But you’re so far away
You’re my Andromeda 
You’re two seconds away 
From fading away
But don’t worry 
I’ve made it past the ISS 
And my final destination 
Is your constellation

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Let The Flowers Bloom
by: Marilyn Lott

Don’t you miss the flowers
In the midst of a frosty day? 
I can hardly wait for spring time
And I’m sure you feel that way

I have a few tiny blossoms
Peeking out their little heads
But the problem is you see
There’s snow on my flower beds

But it won’t be long now, folks
When the gorgeous blossoms bloom
And the fragrance fills our house
And wafts through every room

I know the bumble bees 
Are waiting just as we are
But where is it that they wait? 
I know they can’t be far

I’m sure it won’t be long now
Our world will change quite soon
For spring is creeping closer 

Oh, let the flowers bloom! 

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