Tuesday, December 19

Time for TV Tuesday: Spartacus - War of the Damned (Season 1)

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Another show I have been meaning to watch for a long time. Thank goodness for Netflix and my friend forcing my hand to make me watch it. ;D

Ancient Rome is always fun. Gladiators are always bloody and interesting. This is for sure a rated R show. Lots of blood, cussing, blood, sex, blood, nudity, and did I mention blood? This show is for sure not for the weak-of-heart or for those who cannot handle a wee bit of death and blood.

Now, the show follows a Thracian warrior who is ripped from his home and sold into slavery. He gets bought to be a Gladiator after proving himself in killing his executioners in the arena. Just to prove a point they change his name to Spartacus. 

This was very '300' and 'Gladiator' in style and look. Very cool and a touch cheesy in some of the kills, but very epic. I caught myself going "WOAH!" and sometimes looking away for some of the brutal things like a man getting his face ripped off. BLEH!  Loved every moment of it.

The first couple of episodes were good. There was a chunk of episodes that the story didn't move at all. Yes, there were some character developments and a little bit of plot, but it was so slow moving for a handful of episodes. After a certain event, it got interesting again and I couldn't stop watching. So sad! But I expected something of the sort to happen...because why wouldn't that have happened?

The ending was good. NO, NO...not good...AWESOME! I'm excited to see what happens to our lovely characters next. I'm sad that the main actor died in real life so they had to replace him...but hopefully it will still be good. I will admit I am worried. Luckily the next season is more of a prologue...so I have time to forget my beloved original actor. 

In the end, this was a fun watch especially if you like blood and gore and some feelings mixed in. There were a handful of episodes that had me need to take a break from watching this since there didn't seem to be much going on. However, everything got intense and crazy and kind of worth battling through the episodes that were a bore. I am excited to see what is next. I'll stamp this season with 3 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

I would want more fights, less sexy times

Melliane said...

Nice! I don't think I know about this one

Carole Rae said...

B, yesss there was a lot of that. So far season 2 is a little better....only a hair better though.

Melliane, It is pretty good!