Friday, December 15

Book Review: The Tides Between by Elizabeth Jane Corbett

Author: Elizabeth Jane Corbett

Title: The Tides Between
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: ebook
Published: Oct 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

In the year 1841, on the eve of her departure from London, Bridie's mother demands she forget her dead father and prepare for a sensible adult life in Port Phillip. Desperate to save her childhood, fifteen-year-old Bridie is determined to smuggle a notebook filled with her father's fairy tales to the far side of the world.

When Rhys Bevan, a soft-voiced young storyteller and fellow traveller realises Bridie is hiding something, a magical friendship is born. But Rhys has his own secrets and the words written in Bridie’s notebook carry a dark double meaning.

As they inch towards their destination, Rhys's past returns to haunt him. Bridie grapples with the implications of her dad’s final message. The pair take refuge in fairy tales, little expecting the trouble it will cause.

First of all...I love that cover. I was instantly drawn in to it. It is so beautiful! 

The story follows a few people on a journey to the new world to start new lives away from England. There is Bridie who's father just passed away and she is clinging to his memory and fairy-tales. There is Alf who just married Bridie's mom and is trying to show that all he wants is what is best for the family. Then there is Rhys who is traveling with his preggo wife and is trying to escape his past. 

Birdie needed a swift kick in the butt. Yes, yes, her father is passed away and her mom moved on really quickly. I get it, I do, but she was horrible. So horrible. Yes, the mom did seem to move on really quick, but the dad wasn't the best of people. Nice guy, but not good at supporting his family because he was too concerned drinking and the fairy-tales. But yes...I couldn't stand her. I liked the other characters though. They were fun to read about. 

I loved the fairy-tales that are told. It really added to the story honestly and it was really charming.

This was really slow moving in a lot of spots, but I enjoyed the journey that all these characters took. There was a lot of growth and development on that tiny boat and it was interesting to see even Bridie even though she killed me .However, there were some parts that seemed to drag ooooonnnn and oooonnnnn. 

NOW! That ending was intense and sad, but full of hope all wrapped in one. So good. Made everything worth it. 

In the end, this was a good read about people learning and growing while on a journey to start a new life. I do hope there is a sequel...I am curious to see what happens to these characters next. I'll give this 3 stars. 


Melliane said...

I would be curious to see what you think of the others

Passages to the Past said...

Thanks so much for hosting Elizabeth's Blog Tour & for your review of THE TIDES BETWEEN!

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Blodeuedd said...

ALways good when they grow and learn

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, if there is another one I want to read it!

Amy, of course! It is always a pleasure to join in. :)

B, yessss nothing is worse then characters that don't grow and learn from their idiocy.